Report and speech from commeration of the hunger strikers and Allan Ryan

8 Aug

Today we had a dawn ceremony for the ten Brave Men and Allan Ryan. The event, invite only was very succesful and was attended by dignitaries of various movements here and abroad. Due to the delicate nature of the situation pictures were not taken, After several speech volleys of fireworks were lit to commemorate their sacrifice. Below is the speech from Anti Colonialist working group. All in all the event was a succes and next year we will do it more openly. The event ended with pledges of support and solidarity from the various social movements

Speech Given at Ceremony to Remember the Hunger Strikers and Allan Ryan

Comrades, Friends and Distinguished Guests

Anti Colonialist working group send revolutionary greeting to the leadership of 32CSM, There Leadership and International secretary. We Also send revolutionary greetings to the Prisoners in MagHaberry, Portleaishe and those imprisoned today by the british state for continuing the struggle for a unified 32 County Ireland free from British political, economic and military control.

We stand here today to remember the ten hunger strikers who died as a result of refusing to be criminalized by the British system, and chose to die as Republicans because they saw no alternative. There sacrifice was not for seats in Stormont, nor for a police force where now Irish people can be hired to beat and brutalize other Irish but rather died for the refusal to allow the state to criminalize what they have fought for, a unified 32 County Socialist Republic.

In moments like this it is easy to get sentimental, cry some tears, then go back to our regular lives forgetting not only what they fought and died for but our obligation as internationalist to continue to support and play our role inb the struggle. Che Guevara, an Irish internationalist who shed his blood in Bolivia stated quite clearly “To wish the victim success is not enough one must share his fate, one must join him in victory or death”

In other words to call ourselves internationalists and say we support the struggle because we wear an easter lily or a 32CSM badge and sing rebel songs is not enough. If we are worthy to call ourselves internationalists and Socialists we must not look for that justification in words, or songs we sing when we have had too much guiness but rather in our actions and deeds. To sit here and remember those who have die for the cause is not enough, even the revisionists and traitors
who use this legacy for there ill gotten gains do this, we must show this through our deeds and actions and though we have achieved alot in the last year we are not worthy to wear these symbols of struggle unless we ourselves are willing to fulfill our obligation as revolutionaries in the first world to support these struggles through action.

We must be critical of our mistakes and move forward. The major problem that we are facing is the problem of being ashamed or fearful of our politics as well as being apologetic. It is for these politics that Sands Hughes Doherty and others have died for, and for us to be scared to be open with our politics particularly support for the armed resistance in the occupied six counties means that we are unworthy to call ourself revolutionaries. while we spend months on remand, they spend years while we get a few lumps, they get bulletts, while we get into skirmishes with fascist scum they get killed by proxy
like the case of Ryan and now Keane. Many will point out the passive support that we receive when we have functions or pickets and such and use this as an example of our success, not bothering to ask the serious question, what must we do to turn this passive support into active support, many will point out the success of our fundraising activities, not recognizing the fact that while we may raise several hundred dollars splits two ways, the forces of reaction are having events that cost hundreds of dollars a place. In light of this we must intensify our goals of turning passive support into active support, intensifying our fundraising efforts. This can only happened when we stop being ashamed of what we stand for and scared of a few pigs who all they do is follow us and once in while stop us etc.

In the face of what is going on in the occupied six counties this is nothing and for us to say we are in solidarity with these movements we must recognize our privilege and use it to further the cause.

This memorial is also dedicated to Allan Ryan who was killed by proxy by the free state police. Allan Ryan is an example that we must emmulate, a republican since the age of 11 he has spent his whole life dedicated to the cause, in and out of jail, because not only did he believe in Republicanism and socialism but he gave his life to the cause. Many of the independents we work with may be critical of the 32’s but not can say one bad word about Allan Ryan. Storys I have heard about him clearing out a bar in Dublin that most people were scared to walk into, to joining in pickets for socialist comrades in jail all over the world demonstrate his spirit , the spirit of resistance and defiance to the British occupation, as well as his dedication to organization. This is a shining example of what we must all try to emulate.

The fact that the media is now demonizing and criminalizing him shows how scared the bourgeoise is of his example, and as such has no choice but to smear and criminalize him because of the threat his example is.

In the name of those who have died then and now, we must continue and strengthen our efforts to support this movement and in the face of these attacks never apologize or try to rationalize those who attempt to criticize those that are fighting. Im not saying we should over romantisize what is happening but to get into arguments about criminality, we are only justifying the state line aimed at demonizing and criminalizing the struggle. When we say we support the 32’s but… what we are doing is apologizing for people fighting under conditions that we will never understand. Some of our international comrades here today have participated in armed struggle in there own countries and know the danger of this line of thought. Either we support the resistance or we dont, either we side we the people fighting with bricks and stone or we justify the state line that to be political is to be a criminal.

We must have unconditional support for those fighting with no apology and no buts. We cannot allow ourselves to be blinded from the capitalist propaganda, nor leftists state apologists. On this anniversery we pledge our unconditional support for the 32csm, the vanguard of the movement, our dedication to the anti colonialist struggle here and abroad, recognizing in the words of Sands that we hear have a role to play and by doings so taking up our internationalist responsibility.

I thank our international comrades for attending, and as we look over the horizon we see the sun rising, showing that no matter how dark and hopeless it seems at times victory will eventually belong to the peoples of the world trying to throw of the colonialist shackles.

Victory to the 32CSM
Vitory to all fighting forces in Ireland including principled independent Republicans

Victory to all those fighting imperialism and colonialism hear and abroad
solidarity with our Latin Brothers and sisters here in support
Victory to The IRA!!!


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