Random Fascist vandalism in Cambridge aims to promote fear

12 Aug

Several days ago fascist went on a spree of promoting hate and violence through randomly targetting homes and vehicles with hate slogans and swastikas. Cambridge, part of the thri cities, Kitchener Waterllo and cambridge would wake the ideal place for this attack to take place given the lack of an open antifacist movement in that part, yet at the same time showing there strenghth and audacity to openly cary out such actions in the Waterlloo region.

The growing links between various suit and tie facists and loyalist and there henchmen who do there dirty work is seriously disturbing and chalking this up as youthful stupidity etc. ignores the threat they pose.

This action was carried out to instill fear and terror in the community at large as well as to cowar those progressive forces. THIS MUST NOT GO UNOPPOSSED!!!!!

The fact that they feel that they can carry out such random attacks without fear of reprisal or being held accountabile shows not only the fact that they feel safe doing it , but also the weakness in our movement to oppose them.

We must intensify our struggle against these forces of reaction and oppose them every chance we get and let them know we will never let them have the streets. This week for our Wed. servings that have been targetted by EDL fucks who aimed to provoke us, we will hold high our banner of anti facism and let them know that we will never again let them have the streets. We will also mobalize tooppose them and go to where they congregate to send the message that thiese random acts of indimidation only strenghthen our resolution to resist


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