Happy Birthday Fidel!!!!

13 Aug

Today is the birthday of Cuban revolutionary and internationalist Fidel Castro Ruz. Born in Cuba under U$Sponsered dictators, Fidel had a growing hatred against the injustice perpetrated against his people by the imperialists and colonialists who treated Cuba like there personal resort, giving Cubans second class citizenship. Instead of sitting quietly he fought back, first as a lawyer, then as guerrilla.

Seeing that national liberation could only be achieved outside of the present capitalist paradime, he fought to build a new society where people were guarenteed rights on the basis of beeing human and with Che and others set to build a society based on true freedom where people were free from economic as well as political serfdom from the U$.

This though was not enough recognizing the need to attack imperialism that was choking his country through military and economic attacks, and recognizing the need to support others who were fighting for there own freedom he supported national liberation movements throughout the world fulfilling Che’s dream of two three many Vietnams, and according to Mandela, Cuba was the only countryn that took nothing from Africa except there dead and if it was not for there heroic sacrifice aparthied would not have been overthrown.

On the anniverserry of his birth let us celebrate not just Fidel the person but rather the example that he set, which is to refuse to allow injustice to occur unchallenged and as Che say the obligation of all people to make the revolution.

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