SIU investigation of Saami’s death aimed to split and destroy movement

20 Aug

The SIU laying Second degree murder charges into the police shooting of Saami is not done in the spirit of justice, but rather to destroy an already fragmented movement that has developed as a result of one more police shooting. The campaighn from the begining was split between those who pushed for justice in the “legitimate way” eg. acceptable protest no swearing or broader anaylsis of what is the role of the police and how does this shooting fit into the broader critique of police violence and repression, and those who may like to swear and have a broader analysis.

From the get go the former have pushed for legitmate protest eg. anaylsis within the paradime provided by the system and those who make it more of it then one shooting one death one bad cop are to be watched, isolated and targetted. eg. police our own etc.

Seeing how the movement was developing the state threw one of there own under the bus, for the greater good of palacating some, dividing the movement and stopping a broader anaylsis from developing.

We are now told that the system works and to let things stay in the hands of the state, for those of us with a broader anaylsis we see what is happening, we are being told to get on with our lives, go home and forget this happenned till next time it happeneds.


One Response to “SIU investigation of Saami’s death aimed to split and destroy movement”

  1. doug August 20, 2013 at 7:19 pm #

    The cop has been charged and you people still aren’t happy!! So just what should have been done that would please you guys??

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