In response to Mchale and the new Facists

30 Aug

In the last few days in response to a blog I wrote about the new right, it seems i have stepped on a few toes. Messages and threats from a whole slew of reverse racism loyalist apologists have been filling my email and there have been attempts from a whole whose who of the right trying to spam my blog with there shit. These wrange from the likes of Gary Mchale known for invading Soverieghn native land attempting to incite violence on a colonialist basis to a whole bunch of psuedo rightists, Islamophobes etc.

Some of the comments are quite funny others are downright scary, but all of them have this common apologism for politics based on settler politics and attempts to vilify the content of my writings on the far right by ignoring the issues I have brought up and instead attacking my spelling or even my right to be in this country (oh the irony, last I checked these hate mongers are the last people to say who can or cant be on indigenous land, and If i need legitimacy to be here i would not look to it from these hate mongers but would rather ask those whose land I am on)

In any case, quite a few messages demonstrate my point for me, these forces are not about pushing for identity etc. but rather refusing to recognize others right to other identity by making a historical arguements (eg ignore the whole history of genocide and colonization as well as all the other racist state attacks that have started since contact and making these contradictions ethnic issues there by trying to de legitimize the historical truth that we are on stolen land of nations that the queen has entered into contract on a nation to nation basis, and by doing so recognizing that these conflicts are not based on ethnic tensions but rather on history of one nation through the force of arms imposing its will on other nations and in the process perpetrating genocide contrary to international law.)

The fact that they attack form instead of content further demonstrates that they have no political arguements other then insiting violence through provocation, slander and creating a false dicotomy where the victimized is actually the victimizer.

When Gary Mchale says equal rights for white and no two tear justice system he is ignoring and rewriting the historical genocidal context. We lie in a society based on white suremacy put into place to subjugate those who are colonized and if he really believed in equal rights for whites he would recognize the settler priveledge he benifits from and reject it, as oppose to staging provocation on unceded native land reminisent of orange order marches through west belfast which is more like we subjugated you and will fuck you over every chance we get.

Ditto for the two tear system, after all its not his compatriots flooding the jails based on there status in this fucked up system.

Still at the end of the day these attacks show the lack of political analysis they have and there desperation to attavk any and all who challenge there point of view.

For myself I really dont give a shit about there basic rhetoric and demonization of those who oppose them, which to me sounds like desperation, Our politics are based on principles, theres on intimidation and hate and to be hated by the enemy is a good thing not a bad things, it shows that we are effective.
i would sit here and go more into depth about the threat they pose but i feel there rhetoric speaks for itself!!!


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