La Lucha Continua….thoughts on court

2 Sep

The last several weeks i have been talking to some of my friends about my up coming court date and while most have been supportive, quite a few of those whom i have assumed were close to me have been stabbing me in the back. based on  the idea that what I am doing and that the stand I am taking is not going to work they have withdrawn there support. The most recent event was a so called friend stating that if convicted they would not pass messages to my comrades or update people on my sitauion. Of course the statement from this  personwas lased with honey and sweet words about how they care about me and as such they cant see me walk off the cliff and do nothing. This bourgoise sentimentalism coming from someone who is comfortable has nothing to do with caring for my well beeing but rather like pontius polite it is a washing of there hands at the eleventh hour.The irony of the situation is that at this point in time the crown is backed in a corner, my factum gives an perfect outline about how the presenting charges are political tricks of the state to demonize my activism forcing him to either drop the charges or respond to these political arguements, both of which prove the point that my prosecution is the continuation of ther persecution I face. dropping the charges will be an admittance of guilt;t on his part and responding to my claim will force him, for the two days that this is allowed to justify to the court and all those watching, the continued persecution of people based on the politics they hold. Both of which prove the correctness of my assertion that the courts have nothing to do with justice but everything to do with the continued criminalization and demonization of activism.

Those comrades of my, traitors of the eleventh hour think that by pulling there support this late in the game will absolve them from there previous radicalism and make them acceptable to there new role in the justice system as puppets of the state. Though they make it an issue of friendship, the reality is that it is an act of cowardesss based on the truth that they refuse to jeopardise there new found priveledge. Some think I may learn a lesson from this and that I have, you can never trust suit and ties activists, who at the end of the day have never felt the repression of the state, nor in there present condition have any interest in challenging the state.

The reality of the situation is that when i challenged the publication ban, it was not just me who benifited, but the whole people who then had access to the truth about the dirty deeds of the state, and this verdict, based on my arguements that the courts are used as a poltical tool to silence dissent will benifit many more activists who will face state persecution, if a conviction is granted, this to will benifit the movement by exposing the criminal machinations of the state that will stop at nothing to punish those who aim to break this state supported silence on criminalization of dissent.

If some of my so called comrades think that I have second thought based on them pulling support, they are sadly mistaken because a. it is to late to back down and b. even if i could in good conciousness i could not look myself in the face if i did.

So in the words of some stupidundercover….let the games begin

I would like to note and thank those who uncritically support me even if they dont agree with my methods not cause i am a nice guy but because this battle must be fought. I would also like to thank those who have shown there true color at the eleventh hour.


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