Parliament to Be Illegitimately Prorogued Once Again

3 Sep


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Anti-Social Agenda of Harper Dictatorship

Parliament to Be Illegitimately Prorogued Once Again
On August 19, at the beginning of what has become an annual trip to Canada’s “Far North,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his intention to prorogue Parliament once again. The House of Commons was scheduled to resume on September 16. Should Harper go to the Governor General to make the prorogation official, media speculate the Fall Session would be delayed until at least October 16. During this time, Harper could also call four federal by-elections. This would be followed by the Conservative National Policy Convention to be held in Calgary, October 31 to November 2.

Speaking to reporters in Whitehorse, Yukon, Harper presented prorogation as something almost routine. He stated:

“There will be a new Throne Speech in the fall, obviously the House will be prorogued in anticipation of that. We will come back — in October is our tentative timing.”

In the Northwest Territories he said: “There is a need to refresh legislation, we will be very busy during the fall as we have been very busy in the summer. I look forward to bringing forward new legislation and continuing to focus on jobs and growth.”

Harper’s announcement of his intention to prorogue — at a time when his government is exposed as a kleptocracy that uses dictatorship over the Parliament and decision-making — is self-serving to the extreme. The Harper dictatorship has imposed new state arrangements so that the monopolies in strategic sectors have unfettered control over the natural and human resources of the country and the public purse. Retrogressive reforms to Employment Insurance and funds for skills training are to ensure a large pool of unemployed workers can be forced to accept lower wages and unsafe working conditions wherever the monopolies demand. While the government carries on in this manner, it targets any organized resistance to nation-wrecking and to imperialist war and occupation. Legislation to strip citizenship from anyone who the government deems commits an act of war against the Canadian Armed Forces, deny refugees asylum and the recognition of their rights to health care and protection have become the new normal. Defence organizations such as unions are under attack, as are non-governmental organizations that do not further the Harper agenda of destroying the social fabric. The Harper government is also rewriting history so as to glorify Nazis and justify suppressing resistance to the anti-social offensive at home and to war and occupation abroad.

In this context, Harper’s appointment of a new cabinet in June and now his announcement of prorogation indicate how the government is trying to give this nation-wrecking, anti-social and pro-war agenda a new lease on life in advance of the 2015 federal election. Harper’s hope is that he will be able to divert the growing movement of Canadians which seeks to impede his re-election and block his nation-wrecking.

Opposition to Harper’s scheme has been expressed from all quarters. Opposition NDP Leader Tom Mulcair responded to the announcement stating:

“People aren’t going to be fooled. This is clearly a desperate government worn out by ethical scandals and mismanagement. Stephen Harper refuses to answer legitimate questions from the public. […]

“The Prime Minister will shut down the work of the House of Commons for the fourth time because he will do almost anything to evade questions about a Senate scandal that reaches right into Mr. Harper’s inner circle. Putting a padlock on the door of Parliament will not silence us. Mr. Harper can run but he cannot hide.”

Deputy Liberal Leader Ralph Goodale said:

“Once again we see this Conservative government trying to avoid accountability by delaying the resumption of Parliament and proroguing until October.

“Stephen Harper and his PMO are under fire for several scandals — from the recent Wallin report into potentially fraudulent expenses to the $90,000 cheque in the Wright-Duffy Affair — and are obviously keen to avoid questions and scrutiny by Parliament.

“While starting a new session is an appropriate way to provide direction, Parliament has been on a summer recess since June and the Prime Minister has had plenty of time to write a Throne Speech.

“This delay clearly shows that Stephen Harper and his government are without a plan.”

Tim Powers, vice-president of Summa Strategies, known to be a Conservative insider, said the prorogation will be used to set the context for the next federal election.

“The Throne Speech will lay out a directed game plan, or score card — whatever you want to call it — that the PM will want to use as the matrix that Canadians evaluate him and his government on heading into 2015.”

Since Parliament recessed for the summer, the Harper government is doing everything possible to destabilize the growing sense that the working people can hold governments to account and oppose the neo-liberal austerity agenda through conscious acts of organized resistance during and between elections and by-elections. That is the aim of the “reset” agenda. It is an attempt to disinform Canadians so that they cannot effectively organize for the realization of their own agenda and in opposition to the neo-liberal austerity agenda.

The working people are further developing their striving for empowerment against the nation-wrecking of the Harper government. They are demanding a change in direction for the economy so that social programs are publicly delivered and accountable, not publicly paid and privately delivered; that resources are used to benefit the people and nation-building, not plundered by monopolies which are paid to do so.

TML Daily pointed out at the time of Harper’s cabinet shuffle:

“The most important feature of the retrogressive measures the Harper government has implemented is the ongoing attempt to make Canadians feel as if they are powerless in the face of government corruption, scandals and broad wrecking of Canada’s institutions. It is an arrogant assertion that it is Harper and only Harper who will decide when and what kind of change he will permit in Canada.

“The truth is that Canadians are not powerless. This can be seen in the actions they are taking countrywide to defeat the neo-liberal anti-social offensive launched at both the provincial and federal levels.”


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