The U$’s Plan for Syria and The Arab World

5 Sep

alot has been said in the press about the crimes Bashar and the need to intervene in Syria, and as we are speaking the U$ and there allies are preparing military intervention, strategic strikes and other such things,that while on paper sound fine have the potential to erupt into a global conflict. The conflict in Syria started with legitmate student protests demanding powersharing, these protests were coopted by outside forces to use these internal contradictions as a way to topple the Syrian government and in the process instal a puppet much more to the likeing of the U$, despite the fact that the orginal protests called for no such things.Syria, the target of a proxy war for domination of the middle east has turned from a internal political movement for reform, which was being discussed and negotiated, into a battle ground for control by those interested in toppling all regimes that goe against thew newprojext of the middle east.
The current intervention called on by the U$ and its KKKanadian lackies is the logical conclusion of this plan.

Despite attempts of groups like Hezbollah to push for a political solutions, rebels, many of them Saudi’s backed by the U$ have rejected this call, emblodenned by the political and economic support they have been getting from the superpowers. This attempt to destabalize Syria is not just an attack on Syria, nor is it an uprising aimed at justice and peace, but rather a civil conflicted, backed by the superpowers with the political aims of removing a state who has activly opposed U$ enrouchment. Nasserallah, when examining the Syrian question put forward a clear analysis based on three questions, Is the Syrian state opposed to and activly rejecting U$ and Zionist imperialism in the area, the answer is yes, is Syria supporting the resistance against the new U$ Zionist plans for the middle east, the answer is yes, does the Syrian state have support of segments of there society, and are they willing to implement reforms, once again the answer is yes. Given these facts, political negotiation are the way forward and not supporting regime change that would put someone friendly to the U$ in power, ignoring the interests of the Syrian people and Arab peoples as a whole. The continued war in Syria aims to weaken the Syrian nation allowing it to be poltically destroyed no matter who wins and in that context easy picking for the U$.

The continued attacks in Syria also removes a nationalist regime which has been pushing a rejecting of the new project, giving the U$ a stronghold to continue to attack natioanlist states like Iran, intensify there war on Lebanese resistance, and geo poltically intensify there control of the middle east encirling Russia and China.
There new claims of Assad using Chemical weapons, similarly to the claims of WMDs in Iraq, have not been verified, and quite a bit of evidence has been gathered to show that it was actually the rebels who have used it. The fact that the attack was so close to Damascus, where support for Assad is strong flys in the face of logic, and is further prove that this incident was orchestrated to justify a military intervention ala Iraq.

All those who love peace and justice must be opposed to the continued and intensified attacks on the Syrian people, as well as the saber rattling of the U$, not on the basis of weather or not Assad is a nice guy or not but on the principle of rejecting intervention in the soverieghn affairs of other states, opposeing those who reject a peaceful solution to the problem based on dialogue, and rejecting forieghn powers using internal poltical issues to impose there agenda.


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