Violence, hostage taking and the middle class Saviours who sell us out!!!

12 Sep

I woke up today after having a nightmare. My dream was based on a physical confrontation between us, poor unemployed and underemployed activists and our “saviours from the ivory tower who think anti poverty organizing is based on reading and studying stupid university theorys and academic paers that devorse politics from our own reality. I made myself some coffe and light a smoke thinking about what it all means. Severa; cigerrettes and full cups of esspresso, I start to realise that my dream has nothing to do with hatred of acedemia but everything to do with how accedmia plays into the hands of the state by criminalizing, marginalizing and dismissing the organizational skills and tactics of poor people because it is based on there experiances as opposed to the latest acedemic paper by Zerzik or other armchair Marxists.

One of the ways in which they do this is by condemning our political actions as adventurist or thrillseeking behaviour without understanding the despair and nessesity for action that we as poor people face. The truth of the matter is that over the past year in our community we have hasd a series of fatal overdoses, wanton violence, including the murder of a young girl we know whose torso was found in a dumpster as a result of owing the equivelent of $40, mass gentrification, peoples kids getting stolen by CAS for no good reason and lots of other such shit. Our actions, based on attacking the machenery resposable for this, were not carried out with guns or knives, but rather through sit ins, occupations and the like. As a result of these actions we have won many significant victorys, dismissed by many in the left as not good because we are not fighting for true socialism or anarchism, but rather forchanges in policy that affect our community. At the same time, we are told that if only we behaved and followed the correct actions (eg. read Makinov and Durrutti and have pointless debates) all sorts of opportunities would open up for us.

These critisms attacks and dismissals aim at creating an atmosphere where those who take action to change our enviroment and target those who target us are dismissed and critisized, while those who yell ultra leftist incoherant (except to academia) anaylisis find themselves in a place where they themselves work within the paradime presented by the system as legitimate and in that context feel the need to attack diversity of tactics by condemning those tactics that they themselves dont understand.

In this context peoples experiance and the despair they feel at the whole scale attack from all segments of bourgoise society, the police, social services, housing and opportunistics elements that prey on the vulnerab;e are dismissed, thereby creating the context where there actions can be critisized and criminalized.

Case in point, in Nov. several of us have been charged with tresspass for an action at the minister of social services office, and this simple tresspass has snowballed into a series of allegations, attacks and criminalizations. On September 17th we will be in court where the prosecution will continue to demonize us and portray us as hostage takers. Given the fact that I have a jry trial coming up at the end of the month, and that this other process will take forever, I really dont give a fuck what the prosecution has to say in terms of punishment cause it will take at least a year for them to process the provincial attacks (offense) and if chrages will stem from this that actually mean something that will also take another year or so, yet the allegations that they are making are damaging to the movement and a way to criminalize a campaighn that won a serious victory.

In the Record( the Kitchener newspaper), the office of Ministery of Misery (aka social services) slandered our name and stated that we took them hostage, the disclosure is full of lies making us look like hooligans, and crocadile tears from the workers stating that they feel scared, intimidated and all sorts of other things. and those these actions took place in Nov. we were demanded to apear in court in june months later. Initially after this action many critisized us for adventurism, ignoring that sad fact that these cuts proposed by the Liberals have a direct affect on our community. How many single mothers would be thrown on the streets as a result of these cuts, how many youth would be put in a place where they can be exploited by scum who are no better then capitalists bosses, exposing them to elements that would cut you as soon as smile at you, how many would be forced to stay in fucked up enviroments as a result of this. In light of this, those who organize have not the luxury to sit and read fucoult and wait for the day when magically all will be well because we have read and understood the correct theory. When your community is under direct attack you have no choice but to act, because not to act has dire consequences, something our comrades in the system seem to forget.

Yet the real issue is not that we are slandered but the implications that this has for the right to protest and resist. Already this state line of sit ins =intimidation and hostage taking has been used over and over at other protests by the state, creating a climate where eventually even those who are dressed nice and have money will have to face this. This is a blatent attack on the right to peaceful protest and those who tell us to study MLK and Ghandi should realise that these are there tactics.

But the real fucked up thing is that by demonizing us they are washing there hands from the crimes that they are committing and by calling us hostage takers they are neglecting the fact that it is them who hold the people hostage with there austerity and cuts to social programs, it is them that are tramatizing people by throwing them on the streets forcing people to fend for themselves and leaving them to the mercy of anti social elemnets who, if truth be told, there values and methods would make J.P. Morgan smile. They are the ones who create a climate of fear where no one is safe from there austerity agenda and are dismantaling every aspect of the social saftey net, no one knowing who is the next victim.

Those who critisize these peaceful tactics should keep that in mind and remember that when pushed into a corner people have few choices but to fight back, and as long as the true hooligans in parliment continue to hold the peoples of this province hostage, we will resist and if these discredited politicians want to make lies about us and write story that resemble dime novels as opposed to telling the truth i really dont care, because all it shows is the correctness of resistance, and the weakness of there allegations.


One Response to “Violence, hostage taking and the middle class Saviours who sell us out!!!”

  1. Michael September 14, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    The media has long ago moved from watchdogs of human rights and indignities to lapdogs and mouthpieces of the banksters and corporate elite. That is why they are so discredited and people are turning away from them in droves. All of our rights are under attack as a Big Brother-like prison system is being built around us by the elite to control us; people who point this out or stand against it will be taken down as a lesson to others.

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