The Strange Case of Abdul Khan: Pakistan Diplomatic Bag receipt missing?

13 Sep

Over the past months the media has been reporting on the case of Abdul Khan, paralegal and his problems with the law society. According to the media his case is a simple case of being disbarred and losing his licence due to mistakes on his part.

Yet those who took the time to speak to Mr. Khan get a totally different picture. Talking to him one sees the maxim absolute power corrupts absolutely proven. His problems started with a simple case dealing with a $500 retainer, a case he won is civil court. Yet this victory was short lived as the law society a private regulatory body was not satisfied with this.

According to him, his dealings with the law society were Kafkaesque, and nothing he has provided was enough to satisfy them. Of all the interesting parts of the case, the most interesting was the dismissal of a letter from the embassy of Pakistan by one Anita McCann stating that the funds were sent to Pakistan to outsource work. A diplomatic bag content receipt was later ordered by Miss. McCann and supplied by the Pakistan Embassy, but this too was dismissed on the basis that the Pakistani Embassy was “shifty and unreliable institution”. These xenophobic allegations were further compounded by the loss of these documents, which two years later are still nowhere to be found.

According to Khan, the rest of the hearing, behind closed doors, did not address these or other issues but rather felt like a kangaroo court where the verdict was a forgone conclusion. Khan states that he has served his clients to the best of his ability, yet this was not enough for the law society.

Stranger yet is the letters and messages from him being ignored and the disappearance of Miss. Anita McCann, who only surfaced recently at his last hearing.

The purpose of Journalism is to find the truth and present an unbiased report. I feel this has been lacking, and despite whatever one thinks about Khan, it is obvious that in his case many questions remain unanswered, some of which have serious implications. Where is the diplomatic pouch? Where is Miss. McCann? Why a simple matter couldn’t be settled without such a drawn out process that has had a serious impact on his life? Where is the diplomatic bag receipt? Until these questions are answered, “we will not have a true understanding of the strange case of Khan”.


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