Raise The Minimum Wage Action at Mc Donalds was Kickass!!

14 Sep

On Sept. 14th Poverty Makes Us Sick and Others went to the Mc Donalds to hold hold a picket demanding an increase to Minumum wage.
Mc Donalds is one of the companys oppossed to this for obvious reasons. We were greated by this guy who claimed to be the owner and demanded that we ,ove our vehicles. When asked to give his name or some proof he was who he said he was he didnt.
He stated trhat his jacket, a Mc Donalds Jacket was proof of who he was, at which point, it was pointed out he was wearing a New York Fire Fighters T-shirt, maybe he was a fire fighter from New York and someone else stated that if hes the owner then shes the Queen, at which point an arguement based on identity ensued.
After this, a picket was set up, chalking ensued, and we were joined by someone dressed like Ronald Mcdonald.

We were met with many honks and lots of support. After doing this for awhile a small group wanted to go inside and order a raise to the minumum wage with a side of dental benifits.
The group was met by this guy who could be a fire fighter for all we know and some of his lackeys who acted in a heavy handed manner. Because he was blocking the entrance and being all bitter and such
we left only to go to the other entrance, and after doing this several times, he smashed the door on my foot.

Despite this we raised awareness and got lots of support. More actions to come.


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