To Defend Cuba is to Defend Humanity, Free The Five!!!

17 Sep

Cuba, one of the first countries to implement a peoples agenda has beeen under attack by imperialist powers since the inception of its pro people revolution since 1959. From attacks like biological warfare,
to assasination attempts on the life of Fidel, to arming counter revolutionaries in escambray, the imperialists have perpetrated evry crime to punish the Cuban people. These attacks have not stopped. Groups like Alpha 66 and brothers to the rescue still carry out attacks with the blessing of the CIA aimed at destroying the econmy
and causing Maximun damage to the lives of youth and others. To compliment this attack, through the helms burton and trasselli act, the imperialists aim to starve the revolution and teach the Cubans a lesson.

What crime has Cuba committed to earn the wrath of the imperialsits. There crime is quite simple, to create an economy that serves there people as oppossed to big economic interests. While the united snakes were arming mercenarys to kill Lumumba and destroy the African peoples in the Congo, Cuba was arming students with pencils to go to the countryside
and sucessfully wipe out illiteracy. While the US was bombing and destroying homes in Vietnam, Cuba was mobalizing the community to go to the countryside and build decent housing fit for human beings, so all may have a decent standard of living. While the CIA was targetting and assasinating progressive leaders like Salvador Allende, Cuba was raising the life expectancy of its citizens.

In Angola where the U$ was arming funning and training the aparthied imperialist to impose white supremacy, Cuban volunteers dies by the thousands so that Africa could be free.
In the words of an African revolutionary, Cuba was the only country that took nothing from Africa but its dead.

These crimes of putting the needs of the people first, and defending the rights of nations to determine there own destiny have enraged the imperialists so much that they will stop at nothing to sland attack and destroy the revolution. How dare these inferiour Latin Americans want to educate there children, where do they get off wiping out illiteracy.building homes and feed there children.
They are getting mighty uppity and must be put in there place, said president after president after president, yet it is not the Cuban revolution that was wiped out but rather there credibility. From Ezienhower to Nixon to Bush, all have tried to teach Cuba a lesson and it was them who learned the lesson, the Cuban people were no longer pawns for the Imperialist, and time and time again
they have defended there revolution with a rifle in there hand.

As we Speak Four Cuban lie in U$ hell holes in Solitary confiment, while the fifth, released on conditions, is tstill suffering for there simple crime of defending there country and the integrety of there revolution from imperialist terrorist attacks. They have done nothing to harm the U$, and in a age of the war on terror, they were arrestyed brutalized and tortured for defendingt there country against terror.
In Kangeroo courts in Miami control by gangsters they were sentenced to life and found guilty not because of any crime they have committed but rather for the love they hold for there motherland and wanting a stop to the terror attacks on there infastructure carried out on U$ soil.
There sufferring and resistance in the belly of the beast shows the willingness of the Cuban people to do whatever it takes to defend there revolution, and there victory is our victory.



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