My Words Are Like A Dagger (on telling cops to fuck themselves)

25 Sep

of the speaking tour i will say nothing other then it kicks ass and hope the guest doesnt die of exhaustion, its not easy doing event after event after event, we will have two posts up at the end one professional with all the events,one about all the bloopers and funny and annoying things that happenned.

With that being said yesterday I ran into a bunch of cops while attending an event around minimum wages,(luckly the guest was relaxing and not there) and people were surprised at how polite I was, I told someone I cant wait till this tour is over so I can revert to my old self, which started a discussion, that I have had many times before about my use of unprofessional language to cops,screws, the crown and other forces in the service of her majesty, (may she rott in hell).

When people critise my unprofessional language, swearing at cops etc., they take things out of context, in other words, they fail to see the bigger picture that theyu have guns and all the weight of the state and usually i dont even have two dollars in my pocket. They thrive on fear and intimidation and id they know that you are scared, they feed on that fear.
In jail its not uncommon for prisoners to mreffer to screws as boss, or address those forces of repression with respect. That is what they are accustommed to, and as such it strenghthens the power relation, taking away the power one has over you, further intensifying the cuurent paradighme, that they are everything and you are nothing, and any right you have is a priveledge given to them by you, your role to cowar and beg for mercy or crumbs off the table. When you respond to there intimidation by telling them to fuck there moms, or belittle the crown, or take a stand bordering on confrontation, in terms of words eg. why, what about my rights etc., you are exerting and reclaiming power. In other words you refuse to by into the pardighme of oppressoer and oppressed and by doing so create your own paradighme which is based on recognising the fact that there power comes from the billy club and yours come from your heart.
In a society where they have everything and you have nothing, you are a victim, in a society where you refuse to be intimidated, you are arming yourself with words and rejecting this paradime and by doing so engaging in creating a new paradighme, where words and thoughts are weapons. Im not saying to engage in long drawn out conversations but a quick fuck you or any sentance of resistance before you demand a lawyer goes a long way to exerting your humanity. It was not for nothing that the Panthers started using the words pigs. Let us hold no illusions, the state is not our friends, and they aim to criminalize and dehumanize us, and if words is what we have to fight them so be it!!


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