Today in Court

30 Sep

The arguements we presented today in court was based on the idea that the crown, by proceeding by indictment on my case overstepped his boundries, and clearly is a case of over prosecution. Arguements were presented on a political basis that by choosing to proceed by inditement, he made a desision to take a stand of punishing me for my politics.

The arguements, very clear precise and political raised the issue of politics and political tragetting being a important mater to discuss. The judge listened to our arguements and is expected to give a ruling on this motion. If this motion fails other political motions will be put forward, and if those fail then it will contnue to jury trial.

If it passes then this sets a clear president for future cases.

I was very happy with all the support today, and the courthouse being full and thank all those who have supported my political struggle thus far. I am confident about the motion in court today and look forward to victory tommorrow.

See You All at ten am superiour court toronto.


One Response to “Today in Court”

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