Irish Republican Speaking Tour A Success

3 Oct

During the Weeks From Sept. 20th to Oct 2nd We hosted Independent Irish Republican Brendan Casey who spoke at many events highlighting the ongoing conditions of the POWS. The week started with us attending a reception for the second secretary of the Cuban Federation of Woman, as well as the head of the international department of of the Cuban Federation of woman.Cordial discussion with a wide variety of interested parties were had and as a highlight for us we got to present them with art from the Irish POWS whitch was well recieved. Hours later we participated in an event with people from Mapucha solidarity, Representatives from Six Nations and other indigenous communities. Despite Brendans obvious jetlag he gave a great presentation and a lively discussion ensued where the similariteis of those opposed to colonialisation and occupation were discussed.This was followed by a message of solidarity from Martin Rafferty of the 32 CSM which was received by the organisers, which drew vigerous applause. Then it was off to guelph university to discuss the situation of the POWS with many comrades, who highlighted the lack of information on irish republican pows in canada and the media.Despite threats and from police and Loyalist, the next event in Kitchener at the working center was well attended and everyone loved it. Then off we went to Hamilton to be hosted by local 1005 Steelworkers, where Brendan compared the 1913 lockout with what they are going through now, talked about the reality for the POWS and solid political discussion was held. Prisoner art was then given to the president, who gave us gifts in return to strenghthen the friendship between workers in Hamilton and those fighting the Republican cause. Then we went back to toronto to attend another reception which was organised to commemerate the 25th anniversary of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale in Angola.this event was attanded by the Toronto forum on Cuba,cuban angolan and namibian diplomats,ex pows from a range of groups as well as some noted human rights ativists.again the situation in ireland with regards to the pows was well received.the cases of the craigavon 2,stephen murney martin corry marian price ta mc williams christine connors were all highlghted amoungest othersShortly after we went to Montreal where there was another message from Rafferty of the 32CSM, Mapucha comrades, indigenous comrades and the presentation finished with an interview with Quebecois workers. Then we headed back to toronto for another reception with peoples media. Words cant describe the friendship that was built during this tour betwwen peoples movements and Irish Republicans. Brendan Casey comported himself as a true revolutionary and this tour smashed the silence in the media on Irish Republicanism. As well the feedback from all the events shows that though we have an ocean dividing us, our solidarity is strong and no media blackout or state lackey can break that. The ties built during this tour were ties of solidarity, and we will continue to strugglle to break the media blackout and support our comrades


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