Court, The U$ Consulate and slander

7 Oct

So i never really got into what happenned in court, and there are rumours flying around, misinformation and such. A brief synopsis is therefore required.
I went into court, With a solisiter to argue my political motions, these motions were based on principle and politics and as such i went in with the understanding that if these motions are ignored,I would defend myself on a political basis in front of the jury.
The meat of the first motion, which was granted was that this was a case of overprosecution. In other words, the state was overstepping its bounds. This was a political motion which was based on the principle that I was being overprosecuted because of my politics. The Judge agreed with my motion,
though he stated that the overprosecution was not political. Thus the indictment was quashed. This does not mean that the charges were dropped but rather that they were argued and I was found in the right. At this point the crown has the right to appeal the motion, but as it stand im home free.

This victory was won because I took a stand on the nasis of principle and refused to buy into there game, instead rejecting the notion of political people being criminals, and by doing this winning a political victory without losing my principles. The fact that the judge stated so many times that the overprosecution was not political, only proves my point. If I have learned anything from this it is to stay true to my principles and refuse to break.

Today I found out that the U$ Consulate sent out an advisory to avoid my court since there was a “protest” organized before….here is the link . At my first court date there were unsavoury people there who went only to provoke an incident. I clearly stated that people must not buy into this provocation. In the past I have had many such rallys and speeches before court and speakers included religious figures, members of the community and public at large.
There has never been any incident at any of these, so it is clear that this advisory aimed to further criminalize peoples right to politics and free speech. Ironically the info that this is based on seems to come from social media etc. Why is the U$ government or there diplomats spying on political people outside of there borders? Why are they interfering in the soverieghn affairs of another state? If this information was gathered by them, as it seems, this is a violation of diplomatic norms and should be oppossed.

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