the ties that bind

8 Oct

its 6 15 am and once again im out of smokes. Im in too much pain to go to sleep so i take the trek to the 24 hour store. I grab a coffe and sit on the curb and spark one up, know its going to be one of those days. Im approuched by a peace of shit bonehead scum and he starts threatening me. I lip him back,and am ready to scrap (aka getting my ass kicked) luckily some guy who i know from back in the day comes by, as well as someone else i know and these are scrappers.
I pull a heavy and the guy bounces. Still its kind of a fucked up experiance, not something i havent gotten into before, but at least i walked away unharmed. I go home and my cat realising something is wrong starts cuddling me and climbs on top of me kinda like dont fuck with my julian. I start feeeling sad, but the cat is purring and licking my face, which makes me start thinking how lucky I am not just because I have a kick ass cat.

Many people when they talk about legal difficulaties I am in at various times make it an issue of me vs the state, which is not true at all. My life is not normal in the sense that by choice or chance I get into predicaments that are by no stretch of the imagination nice or fun. Sometimes during these moments i get sad, angry, pissedd off or what have you. But it is in these moments that friends and comrades support me, help me and brighten my day. wether it by by inviting me for a smoke, buying me a pop, watching such stuff as game of thrones, having a pizza night, or just pulling up on the couch and talking, they invite me in there life and show that I am not alone, and more then that that they care for me and have my back.

In terms of my most recent charges, to state that it was my victory ignores all the hard work other people have put in, from pulling all nighters with comrade Jamesion hashing out legal arguements, to working on my factum, or even sending me an FB msg saying solidarity.

As I think of this I wonder who is supporting the two Quebcious comrades both doing six month sentences or our comrades from the U$, who will face these charges soon, do they have a network to support them? will people write to them, will trap lines be set up? Honestly I have been too busy to know this, but I hope that the solidarity and love that people have shown me will be shown to them, and I hope that people will support and break the isolation. The G20 protest didnt end when the dignitarys left, in fact it still is not over and it wont be finished till everyone is free and no one is left behind.


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