Support The Detainees Action Yesterday,Victory To The HungerStrikers!!!!!

9 Oct

Yesterday we joined NOII and other comrades to protest the illegal torture and criminal conditions under which Immigration Detainees in Lindsey Ontario are being held.They have been protesting there conditions since September 17th. The Protest outside the minister of Corrections in Kitchener was part of a province wide day of action.
The event was well attennded by people in the community, as well as various police and intelliegence agencies. People gave speeches and chalked slogans, showing the importance of spelling as someone (guess who) accidentially wrote Cupport the Hunger Stikers(this was later corrected by a comrade who knows how to spell). People then marched inside to deliver a letter, then marched on CBC to break the media silence.

Demands of the strikers include and end to maximum security detention, an end to indefinate detention, end to segregation, end to constant lockdowns, better access to medical services and basically being treated like humans.

All in all the action was a success
for more info please check out


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