Phone Jam The British Consulate and Demand Justice for The Craigavon Two.

16 Oct

Friday Oct. 18th 8:30 am to Five PM (416) 593-1290

False Evidence, PSNI witness Tampering, planting evidence in a cell, and general miscariage of justice have plagued the case of the Craigavon Two from the start. To those watching the appeal it is obvious that the reasons for the illegal detention of JP Wooton and Brendan Mc Conniville has nothing to do with the murder of officer Carrol, but rather, like the cases of the Gilford four and Brimingham Six is a police set up. Despite the sucess of there counsel during the appeal process, it may take up to one more year for a desision to be made. This is what the British injustice system is truely about, internment by remand,false arrest and illegal kidnapping. This friday demand that they be set free now, take five minutes of your time and call the British Consulate and demand justice for the wrongfully imprisoned Craigavon Two.

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