Uncritical support for Mi’kmaq-led blockade under attack.

17 Oct

Early this morning the RCMP lead a paramilitary assault on the Mi’kmaq-led blockade in so called New Brunswick. As we speak people are defending their land from the KKKanadian state, whose interests lies in supporting those corporations pushing Fracking and plunder of indigenous land. As settlers who benefit from the colonialist institutions it is our duty to unconditionally support those under attack by the state for defending their hereditary rights and not buy into the lies spread by the state that the Mi’kmaq nation are criminals or trouble makers. It is the Colonialist institutions that are the criminals assaulting and shooting at people defending their hereditary rights. We as settlers have no right to preach to those who are colonized and the victims of state violence how to behave, nor is it our place to interfere in the  affairs of other nations and play the role of the great colonialist saviour. Our role is to uncritically support those under attack, in word, as well as deed.


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