Its not just Ford the whole system is rotten!!!!

31 Oct

Living in a state plagued with corruption, greed, nepotism and general fuckery you kinda became desensitized to how fucked up your environment is
and sometimes it takes an outsider to point out how fucked up shit really is. During one of international visits i chatted with a friend who does not live in this state about the issue of Rob Ford, and he was truly shocked
at how fucked up the KKKanadian state is. His surprise at the true “state of the nation” kind of shocked me and realised that what we see as normal is actually and truly really fucked up!!!

Over the last little bit, the Media has been bombarding us with story’s of corruption in the senate,Harper ignoring the supreme court and other really screwed up things with the purpose of normalizing the corruption and criminality of the KKKanadian state.
Rob Ford and his saga as portrayed in the Media created the atmosphere of acceptance of the violation of the most basic norms, by portraying him as a bumbling idiot, making us wonder what is he up to next, or how is he going to get out of this one.
By doing this the reality that the Mayor of Toronto was directly or indirectly involved with organized crime, drug use and dealing extortion and possibly even a murder.

This was a deliberate act to shock and awe us in submission creating an atmosphere where the unacceptable becomes the norm. Now that the state apparatus no longer finds him useful they are throwing him under the bus to make us believe that no one is above justice and accept the system that empowered this monster in the first place.

Like other right wingers, Fords role in the big scheme of things was that of a wrecker and like Mike Harris or George W. Bush his role is to create an ultra right state breaking all norms, paving the way for the more “liberal” alternative who will codify this lawlessness and solidify the anti social offensive launched by these people. This “Liberal” alternative will carry on
with solidifying and consolidating what their predessor has done, as well as give people the illusion of change by using the carrot instead of the stick but leaving the institutions of the stick intact and consolidated.

While everyone is full of glee that finally we can say the emperor has no close, the truth that he will march on anyways, and we are powerless to stop him will be concealed. As we are now being told that things will change with whatever sort of liberal alternative is presented to us, the real issue, that of the power to participate in politics and set our own agenda will not be any closer.
And while one is distracted by the whole Rob Ford scandal, the instituions that empowered him and let him carry on like a demi god will carry implementing their agenda.

So let us not be disarmed and confused, the issue is not Rob Ford, it’s the whole system and until we create the conditions to empower the peoples to set their own agenda we are still fucked!!!


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