Poppies Imperialism and Colonialism

31 Oct

I remember when the first gulf war started, and the teacher was trying to incite us, as settlers to get behind the colonialist project. At that time i wasnt really that articulate (some may say im still not…lol) but I knew it was wrong and got in a huge fight with the teacher and the rest of the class trying to argue why the war was not about freedom and democracy and didnt have anything to do with the people of Iraq, but rather had to do with what the Anglo imperialist alliance consolidating power.After about 30 minutes seeing that i was getting nowhere, I left the room crying, but knowing I was right. For a week after I had detention and every day the teacher would sit down and try to explain to me why this war was just, and me as a kid would wonder why my teacher spent so much time trying to convince me and get
me to agree with this. This was one of them many eye opening experiences in my life that has shaped my politics today.

The propaganda directed at settlers, who benefit from the theft and plunder of nations whose lands we live on and nations whose resources we plunder, to get behind the colonialist project is both insidious and downright criminal. By throwing bigger scraps from their table to the settler nation, to assist them to turn a blind eye to what is going on around them,to brainwashing them through ritual and creating a siege mentality where the settler is portrayed as the one under attack from those that they subjugate the ruling circle creates a class that they can incite through sectarian hatred to do there dirty work and send there daughters and sons off to die, only to discard them when they are no longer useful. The perfect example of this is remembrance day, when we are all suppose to forget rational discourse, get sentimental and in the name of freedom and no more war create a enforce the hierarchy of “glorious dead”
(those whose died to protect settlers from the evil colonized people) and undeserving dead aka those who fought resisting colonization in defense of there right to be.

In the name of never forgetting the evils of war we are told to “support our troops” and participate in some sacred ceremony that sanctifys and immortalise the colonialist project of continued subjugation through economic military and cultural war.
By pushing a blind patriotism, and playing on peoples sentiments, this ritual and its symbol the poppy, diverts attention from the real people who have butchered generations in wars for profit and blames the true victim of colonization, the colonized for the crimes of the ruling class. By saying that “the troops” died to defend “freedom and democracy” anyone who wants to examine what was behind all these wars is automatically demonized and there views discarded and the real questions , which are what are the aims and purpose of war here and abroad, who do the troops serve and what do they actually do, and where does the true threat to freedom lie are silenced.

Many people call themselves progressive and socialist and all other sorts of names, but the true test is when issues of Colonization such as Native sovereignty and “remembrance day” where do they stand? Do they stand behind the ruling circles to defend there privilege and crumbs or do they stand with the people whose blood pays for their privledge? Do they stand with the troops who are carrying out atrocities as we speak, or do they stand with those who are fighting for there right to exist.

Personally this year when people are participating in these state-run rituals aimed at inciting the settlers to glorify conquest I will refuse to participate, and if this makes me unpopular I really dont care because what is right is right even if only a few people believe it.


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