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The Promised Land

30 Nov

In the Land Where Cops wear Che Guevara Tshirts that are made by Childrens Hands, and people think a socialist republic is a sweatshop on demand- Ciarian Murphy

Today I woke up with no smokes and alot of anger, several of my ex’s use to comment when i would wake up like this,it would seem i was itching for a fight.
Though I was pissed off, I really wasnt looking for a fight but to get where they sell smokes at this ungodly hour, you have to go through a white power/loyalist neighbourhood, I put on my Celtic Football Club hat, and an Anti Racist Action Hoody (seriously i wasnt looking for a fight those where my only clean clothes and they know who I am anyways) and went to the store. I bought smokes and coffee and sat down and smoked three cigarettes (i didnt smoke all night), walked home lit another and started to think.

Alot of thoughts were going through my head, so i called a friend across the pond about something we were discussing, i didnt want to leave a whole thesis on there answering machine, so i wished them luck, and gave a brief synopsis on what i was thinking, then went on FB to wish someone else luck and went outside to light another smoke.

I remember (vaguely) getting jumped, I had a friend of mine who was staying here who had addiction issues but since his mom was a respected commie from a revolutionary country i promised to help her son. I had money which was not mine on me that was raised for POWS and the speaking tour. Two so called comrades were with me, cause i like to wake people up at night and when the shit went down they ran.I was out of money and in pretty bad shape, and though the people who I raised the money for were understanding I still payed it back out of my own pocket. I remember this incident confirming the truth about class characteristics and a quote from Che Guevara came to mind while I was outside remembering. During the war in the Sierra Maestra he was complaining about the bourgeoise elements sent to him by the Communist party of Cuba whom he said could withstand torture but didnt even know how to fire a machine gun. The cowards that were with me were worst then that because i doubt that they could even take a beating, and taking a puff outside while i was smoking i was laughing to myself about how if this was open warfare any army including those of the imperialists would have these two shot for cowardess.
This line of thinking made me think of the issue of fascism cowardess and those that play at revolution, but have little to no understanding of the on the ground reality that people in working class neighbourhoods face, particularly around the issue of violence. Many people hold the illusion that KKKanada is a nice country and some even call it socialist. To many immigrants it is sold as the promised land, and the reason my parents came here was that they bought into that illusion. I wonder if with hindsight, if they really knew what capitalism was would they have left Romania to come here.

Mark Twain once wrote a book called the gilded age or something along those lines where he talked about how on the surface North America looked nice and cool and all that but scratch the surface and the decadence, rot and sickness is quite obvious. The problem that we face today is that many people who live in comfort dont want to scratch beneath the surface and will do whatever they can to hold these illusions. When confronted with the true reality, esp. if it is fists and doc martin boots, they panic and run.
This is not just because of their environment or class but rather because they either need to hold onto their illusions and to do that they must somehow reconcile what they see with their concept of reality. Usually this is done by either blaming the victim eg. if only they did not provoke the leviathan then you would not experience this phenomena or call the phenomena an anomaly that can be solved by “exposing”this element of corruption and begging the authority’s through petitions etc. to restore things to their natural order, as if the natural order is something good or positive.

The problem with this is that the decay and decadence of the society itself is not questioned. This is not the case with all people, I can think of one comrade who comes from privilege, yet despite this has thrown his lot in with the oppressed, to quote Jose Marti, because of the fact that he has chosen not to close his eyes to this reality, and time and time again has not only chosen to try to understand this reality but like a true dialectician has tried to actively participate and change it. Case in point, when a fascist sliced a friends face and it was pointed out to him, he cared not whether they were EDL, CDL, Stormfront or Blood and honour, but cared about what we could do to stop it.This anaylisis, I have noted has been applied by this individual to many other things that are rotten in this promised land, and for seeing beneath the surface and confronting the rot I applaud him.

The decadence and decay of this society is not just rooted to rogue fascist elements but rather is the substance and essence of this society. Those in the ivory tower may theorise about genocide here and abroad but they do it through an academic lens making the victims into objects, subjects and scientific measurements creating the atmosphere where they can dehumanize them and as such make peace with the status quo. By doing this the foundations and cause of the sickness we call capitalism and colonialism is ignored. Genocide is a thing of the past and indigenous solidarity is begging the government to act humane and sanitize the process by speaking out about flare ups that are cool at the moment and denouncing this or that shooting yet doing nothing about the systemic slow murder through drugs, violence, unemployment, displacement, encroachment etc. Dealing with these on the ground realities is not seen as political and belittled because to acknowledge this is to shake up their world view and question their position in the bigger picture something they are not willing to do.

The true reality is that the foundations of the whole society is based on decay and those who are not willing to accept this and then act are the real cowards because they are too scared to see that there promised land is soaked in blood, and that even the food that they consume is so ripe because it has been fertilized with the blood of those who have died and are dieing to keep their worldview whole. Many times I have tried to explain this outlook to people and many arguments have ensued, not necessarily about my analysis, but carrying it through to its logical conclusions, the sickness has been diagnosed, yet the issues is the cure, and like a sick patient in denial these forces will attempt to mystify the cure through fouclat or other such intellectual somersaults aimed at sowing confusion, because the cure, action after analysis not only destroys their world view but forces them to take responsibility, not through word, but through deed, forcing them to dismantle this so-called promised land.

Bourgeois Outlook

29 Nov

Peoples reality and understanding of the world around them is directly shaped by there interaction and understanding of there enviroment.
In other words they percieve the world based on what they see and experiance and interperate the based on that. Enviroment and how one analysis ones enviroment, in other words is the basis of their reality.

One of the issues in the movement at this point in time is criticism, attacks and base criminalisation by those whose outlook and understanding is diffrent then those force on the ground dealing with day to shit and crisis.
As was stressed earlier enviroment plays a desisive factor on outlook, to this I would like to stress another point, Enviroment also plays a desisive factor on desire for change eg. if your enviroment is diffrent then those under attack and you are comfortable in your enviroment, then the urgency and necessity is not there as much as for someone who is directly affected. Also given the fact that they are outside looking in these individuals have the luxury not to be confronted with crisis after crisis, but rather to be cold and objective because to them the issue is not one that affects them directly but rather a mental exersise which gives them the ability and luxury to theorise and say how things should be because to them it is an abstract problem.

This issue of overintelectualizing and critism for the sake of critism and all other such non sense can only be solved by having those who critisize to activly engage and change ther enviroment, only then will they understand and be able to give an actual informed opinion and tell others what to do.

Against Colonialism, For Self Determination!!!Free ALL POWS!!!!

25 Nov

43 Queen St. S. Kitchener
Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Speakers Include

32CSM-On the current Occupation of Ireland and the struggle of the Prisoners

The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]
On the current situation of Mapuche Political Prisoners in so-called southern Chile

Dylan Powell-Two Row Times Correspondent on the assault on the MI’KMAQ peoples

Toronto Forum On Cuba-On the Case of the Cuban Five

From Turtle Island to Belfast people have been struggling for their just right to determine there own destiny. In the face of state attacks and repression people have unified and resisted. Come out and here the storys of peoples just struggle to determine there own destiny and what you can do to support.

All Funds will go to Support the Prisoners!!!!

Manchester Martyrs Commemoration 146 years on-Oration 32CSM

24 Nov


Manchester Martyrs Oration

‘We gather here today to remember with great pride and to commemorate three brave Fenians, William Allen, Michael Larkin and Michael O’Brien better known as the Manchester Martyrs.

These three were innocent men that were victims of the British state wanting to send a message of deterrence to all those who make a stand against their wrong doings. 146 years ago a prison van was transporting two senior members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, as the prison van progressed up Hyde Road, Belle Vue it was ambushed at the railway bridge by a group of Fenians, a gallant act that allowed the two senior members to escape, never to be recaptured.

after the ambush 29 Irish people were arrested, but only three of all who were arrested were to suffer the full extent of the British Governments evilness, these three men who came to be known as the Manchester martyrs, they were scapegoats, they were used to take the attention away from the major flaws in the British legal system, there was no evidence to support the claims that these three men were the individuals who fired the revolvers, there only crime was being Irish. These three men had their lives so cruelly snatched from them on 23rd November where they were publically hanged from a temporary structure built on the walls of a Salford Goal, the British Government were not content with publicly murdering 3 innocent Irishmen, they went on to burn all the remains that were exhumed from Strangeway’s prison, which rendered repatriation of their bodies, impossible.

For all those who have gathered here today, be proud. You all are evidence Irish Republicanism is stronger than ever before even here in England, and that even 146 years after this major injustice they are still remembered with pride.

The Manchester Martyers then as republicans today seek equality, justice and peace. The ongoing denial of Irish sovereignty by the British government remains the ongoing obstacle to a lasting peace. The Good Friday Agreement had at its core a British Sovereign claim to the six north eastern counties of Ireland. Those who signed this treaty did so with full knowledge of this, but signed personal gain. The demand for British withdrawal of their illegal claim to part of Ireland’s national territory was never on the table or their minds. They are the traitors, and like others before them, they are Irelands shame.

As Prisoners the Manchester Maryters suffered then, republican prisoners suffer today at the hand of those administering British rule in Ireland.

We send revolutionary greetings to the republican prisoners and remember with pride Irelands Patriotic dead.

Onward to the Republic and liberation of the Irish People.

They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! – They have left us our Feniandead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace. – Padraig Pearse’

The Cumann also visited a graveside nearby where two former members of Cumann na mBan, sisters Catherine and Ellen Doherty, formerly of Lisacul, County Roscommon, are laid to rest. A wreath of flowers was left at the graveside.

Please write to The Craigavon Two

23 Nov

From The JFTC2 Facebook Group

We would ask people to write to Brendan and John Paul this Christmas, a card can help raise their spirits.

Brendan McConvillle /John Paul Wootton
Roe 4
Maghaberry Prison
Old Road
Ballinderry Upper
BT28 2PT

Solidarity Rally for Jimmy Velgakis Hunger Strike at WSIB Head Office in Toronto – Nov 26

22 Nov

Join The OFL Solidarity Rally with Jimmy Velgakis on Tuesday, November 26th at 12:30pm at #WSIB office, 200 Front Street, #Toronto

As most of you are already aware, since November 12th,Jimmy Velgakis has been on hunger strike outside the WSIB office at 200 FrontStreet. He’s taking a strong stand demanding justice not only for himself, but for all injured workers, and he’s gotten amazing support from the injured worker community and from his MPP Cheri DiNovo, who has also gone on hunger strike in solidarity with him.

And now in another huge display of solidarity, theOntario Federation of Labour will be holding a rally in solidarity with Jimmy on Tuesday, November 26th at 12:30pm! Trade union activists from all across Ontario will rally together to support Jimmy, and to send a message to the WSIB that no injured worker should ever be forced to resort to a hunger strike.

This is not what our compensation system is supposed to look like. We will continue to push for a just system that honours the original principles upon which it is founded, and that treats injured workers with dignity and respect.

Community Space For All Not Condos For The Rich!!!

21 Nov

Today in response to the social cleansing in the downtown core, and displacement of poor people to make space for yuppies and their condos, we decided that we would hold our free food and politics program in front of the city centre Condo development office/model condo in the downtown core. By doing this we aim to show the people who are attempting to replace us that we are not going away, as well as continue to create space in the community for people to come together discuss the problems that we are facing and come up with solutions. By doing this we are meeting the needs of the people in terms of food etc. as well as resisting by existing. Expect us every week!!!!!!

Support The POWS!!!Christmas fundraising drive!!!

20 Nov

One of the biggest crimes of the British imperialism in the occupied six counties is the hurt and trauma that they cause to the families of those people who
dare to speak out for a united Ireland free from British economic and military rule. When Children see there parents brutalized, beaten and kidnapped by thugs in paramilitary garb calling themselves a police force, they not only lose those they love but also their child like innocence.
This brutality is very evident during holidays like Christmas where the loss of a family member is particularly evident. To top it off those family’s who are ripped apart by the British state are also economically targeted through losing a bread-winner and being blacklisted for employment and such.
While here in KKKanada there is not much we can do to stop this trauma that children face, we can send money to the family’s who are victimized by the British state so that there children can also have presents under the Christmas tree this year, giving some sense of normality to an abnormal situation. For this reason we are joining in the 32CSM Christmas drive. While many of us are poor and underemployed, we can each spare $10-$50 dollars this year to make sure that children whose parents are being targeted by the British state can also enjoy what we do here this Christmas. Our fundraising goal is $2000 KKKanadian Dollars, something we can achieve if we put our minds to it. To contribute or help out please email or talk to any member of ACWG. Together we can achieve this goal and make sure that the British Grinch does not ruin Christmas this year!!!

Greetings from the Anti-Colonialist Working Group to the Ard Fheis of the 32 CSM

20 Nov


Anti Colonialist Working Group sends Revolutionary greetings to the 32 CSM, Its leadership, members on the this glorious occasion.
We hope your Ard Fheis is productive and successful. In this global era of conciliation with the forces of colonialism and the strengthening of the anglo-american
alliance of imperialism, you stand as a shining example of resistance to the forces of colonialism, refusing to be bought off or intimidated. The courage of your organization to stay strong and refuse to abandon your principles
in the face of intensified criminalization and attack by state forces not only shows true bravery and revolutionary conviction but also demonstrate the truth that repression breeds resistance.To paraphrase the words of a Russian Revolutionary, to wave the red flag on the barricades and in battle is not bravery, anyone can and will hoist the flag of revolution when the masses are fighting, true bravery is to hold the red flag when you are isolated, attacked and all seems to be lost, in those moments to be true to your ideas that is bravery. More then a decade after the GFA, you have held your flag of self determination and have weathered the storm through thick and thin and for that we salute you.

Here in Canada, over the next year, we hope to intensify our efforts to support your organization, as well as continue our struggle here against crown forces and criminal elements that seek to destroy our struggle against the attacks on Indigeous peoples, Quebecois and working class and marginalized communitys. We hope to expand our fundraising activities and intensify our struggle to free Irish POWS. We plan to launch campaigns of economic disruption targeting British financial interests, as well as do what we can do here to assist your just struggle.

Victory Belongs to The People!!!

Anti Colonialist Working Group

RCMP FRACK OFF, Today’s action in solidarity with Elsipogtog.

18 Nov

Today a group of outraged settlers on Six Nations territory stormed Gary Goodyears office demanding answers to the illegal attack carried out on indigenous territory by the RCMP, the federal para-military force. Carrying a banner proclaiming “RCMP FRACK OFF” the office was occupied and people demanded answers. Instead of answers police were called twice, though did not disrupt the occupation. The issue of Four Warriors and land defenders was also raised as well as their treatment and internment by remand. It was made quite clear that this is unacceptable and those protestors held the office until it was minutes before closing. Police followed protestors to their vehicle to take the plates and RCMP and other such forces then went to the office to hear about how the staffs feelings were hurt or whatever they werw whining about. We, as settlers on Turtle Island stand with those whose lands we live on and will continue actions to support those under attack for defending the saftey of the water that we all drink.