7 Nov

The law was made for one thing alone, for the exploitation of those who don’t understand it, or are prevented by naked misery from obeying it.
Bertolt Brecht

I remember several years ago I decided to go to confession to receive the holy communion, not wanting to confess my sins to a capitalist fuck, I went to a Serbian priest known as communist sympathizer, and after spending quite a bit of time confessing my sins he asked me if I felt bad for what I did, my response,that I felt bad for hurting people but would do it again because i committed those sins for socialism, made him laugh and he gave me absolution.
In the wake of the Ford scandal going on the left seems to be at a loss on how to deal with the issue put forward, and one has to just go on facebook or look at twitter to see how confused they are on one hand laughing at the fact that the Mayor of one the biggest citys in KKKanada was busted smoking crack on film and on the other hand railing about substance abuse etc.
To fit this in their own framework of Liberal elite thought, they make the issue one of hypocrisy or removing Rob Ford from office or some other nonsense, alienating their so called base of support, working class and marginalized people, driving Fords standings in the polls and allowing Ford to consolidate power.

Even I find myself sickened at the Liberal elitism which is focusing on the issue of substance abuse and once again ignoring the bigger picture. Yes these latest revelations about Ford have really given the Liberal elite a victory, yet they are too narrow-minded in their socialwork framework to grasp what the issue really is and in there muddled mind and double speaking they are talking out of both sides of their mouth on the one hand gloating about the mayor smoking crack, yet on the other hand ranting about the stigmatization of drug users etc.
The real issue here is the issue of criminality. What is criminality? Im sure that the Liberals have there interpretations and the social worker types have there’s but these interpretations dont interest us at this moment. Criminality, at its root is anti social behavior, in other words behaviour of an individual that hurts society, in a direct way.

For example we all think that killing people is not a good thing, yet what about killing someone who poses an immediate threat to your community eg. a rapist? Most people would think that in those circumstances killing is justifiable. What about someone who is threatening your whole society like the U$ in Vietnam? The act of people killing to defend their way of life takes on a whole new perspective and what in isolation may seem as a horrible act, in this context not only is it justifiable, but rather is a duty. The same can be applied to many other laws imposed on us by the state and imposed and strengthened
by those who are pushing legalism and liberalism.

The issue at the end of the day is not the act in and of itself but rather the aim and the broader context. Eg. is it done for selfish gain at the expense of others or does the context of the act justify and necessitate the act. Criminality and anti social behaviour in this context is to commit or permit or enable horrendous acts in a context where you put your wants and needs before society as a whole for selfish gains. Eg. my pleasure is more important and more valuable than the suffering of others who are in there state for my pursuit of pleasure.
If this sounds familiar, that is because this ideology is the ideology of colonialism and capitalism, which at root is a criminal ideology based on the pleasure of the few at the expense of the many. After all who really cares about those who are colonized as long as I can pursue my own jollys and kicks? Our society from kindergarten to university is set up in such a way to whitewash and justify mass murder theft of land destruction of peoples way of life and genocide so that “our way of life” is not threatened. This criminality goes so far that we as
a society are taught that it is ok to send our own children to be slaughtered in wars of plunder to preserve “this way of life” as long as we have a moment of silence and wear a red lapel.

In this context of what really is criminal can we really examine the Rob Ford case. The issue is not about what he was smoking, but rather like a good capitalist, he decided to engage in extortion and murder to hush this up. In a society based on blood and murder this is not a big deal and is quite forgivable except for the fact that he got caught! The right wing media and others who are turning on him like vultures are not moralists, they are pragmatic in the big scheme of things drug dealing, extortion and possibly a few murders are peanuts compared to what is going on here and abroad to maintain the system.
What is at stake here is that the whole fabric of municipal politics is coming under scrutiny and there is no way to dress this up and make it acceptable for those who benefit from murder and criminality, yet whose hands are too clean to be associated with the blatant way in which Ford carrys on.

Ford is a criminal, and not because of what he smokes, but then again so is the society that created him and enabled him to be on power for so long and to switch mayors for a more Liberal candidate will solve nothing. criminality is what our society is rooted in and until we change this I care not about which Mafioso rules the roost, because after all to treat a symptom instead of the disease is stupid, which im starting to guess is another word for liberal.


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