Where is the Freedom “Our Troops” Fought For? Release Martin Corey!!!!

8 Nov

This Monday the state will once again perpetrate a spectacle and ritual aimed at glorifying the Anglo American War Machine
and call us all to participate in a ritual which entrenches in our collective psyche the glorification of Colonialism and imperialism.
Known as “remembrance day” this spectacle full of military pomp and glorification of the troops that have participated in genocide here
and abroad is portrayed as a day of remembering “those who died for our freedom”.

Despite the absurdity of this being portrayed as an “anti war” event, this event aims to get people to line up and support the current
imperialist and genocidal projects in Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and indigenous peoples whose crime is simply to want to have a right to exist.

One of the ways in which those who oppose this spectacle are demonized and criminalized is that we are told that these troops died for our
freedom, freedom that we are abusing by speaking out against this consolidation of a hierarchy of death. (those glorious troops that died,
and those evil people (the colonized) whose deaths are not important.)

Despite the fact that Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have never threatened the common wealth nor our “freedom” the slogan ring hollow to
land defenders who have been assasinated like Dudley George or are criminalized and thrown in jail for simply defending there hereditary
rights and with the escalation of state repression here one wonders where this threat to freedom really lies.

This Monday when the military will march carrying the Union Jack and the KKKanadian flag to remember those “who Died for our Freedom”
I will be thinking about what these words mean to those imprisoned in Maghaberry living in their own filth being beaten, strip searched
and subjected to all sorts of cruelty by the same symbol we will be glorifying on Monday.

In particular I will be thinking of what this means to Martin Corey, an elderly man whose simple crime was speaking out against the
illegal occupation of his homeland. Where is his freedom and what does our moment of silence mean to him who had is voice silenced
the last four years by steel walls?

Where is the rule of law that British forces are claiming to bring to the whole world? Is this is the same rule of law that was
used when Owen Patterson, then unelected secretary of state, overturned Justice Treacy’s decision demanding his immediate release?
What sort of double standards are being used here and where is this freedom? Our forces will carry out illegal occupations in the
name rule of law yet at the same time imprison someone using secret trials and kangaroo courts?

While the spectacle will be paying lip service to freedom, Corey will be sitting in Maghaberry experiencing firsthand what
British justice and human rights means to those who dare speak out demonstrating the truth that to those who are colonized
freedom is simply you are free to agree with the occupation and if you dare use it to speak out you will be brutally silenced.

For us on the outside we have an obligation and duty to speak out against this. This monday people across the world will
be sending tweets to demand the release of Martin Corey and it is important that here in KKKanada we join them. Instead
of having a moment of silence for some abstract spectacle of Freedom this monday it is important that we be silent no longer
and join in this tweeting campaign to actually fight for the freedom of a man whose crime is simply speaking out.

Starting at Three PM KKKanada time (8pm Irish Time) this tweeting campaign will start and all should join in.

People should send tweets with the following hashtags “#releasemartincorey”.

For more info on Martin Corey please check out the following website http://www.releasemartincorey.com/


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