13 Nov

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Friends, Comrades

To pay tribute to a man of the character of Vol Kevin “Kiddo” Murray is very easy indeed.

It is made easy because we are paying tribute to a man of honour.

Kiddo as he was fondly known was a man of principle, conscience and a true patriot.

His untimely death brought sorrow to his family and to the broad republican family and the circumstances of his maltreatment whilst incarcerated in Portlaoise Gaol as a political prisoner brings shame on that regime whose only motivation is to criminalise Irish men and women who stand up for what is right and by so doing exposes their hypocrisy.

Vol Kevin Murray not only exposed their hypocrisy, he stood against it and defended the sovereignty of his nation. He was not found wanting.

He cared for his country, he didn’t make judgements based on personalities or greed, he made his judgement to uphold the principles of the 1916 Proclamation and the Declaration of Independence.

Today the same principles apply, the republican position is no different to what it ever was, based on defending and upholding the sovereignty of the Irish Nation and challenging the violation of Irish sovereignty. Sadly today republicans are divided by a leadership who moved from that proud and honourable republican position.

The result is that republicans remain divided through lack of discussion and debate and straying into the populist mode at the expense of a thought through analysis and strategy.

It is sad to say but opinions expressed today in the name of republicanism appears to be more about individual views being made known than a cohesive organisational led strategy expounded to create debate discussion and debate amongst the diverse church of republicanism.

The violation of Irish National Sovereignty is what Vol Kiddo Murray stood out against, indeed it is the only position for republicans and the Irish people to challenge.

In 1997 it was clear a partitionist settlement in the Treaty of 1998 would be the inevitable outcome.

Those who claimed they could go back to a pre-treaty position having signed it were deluding themselves and deluding those who blindly followed.

Loyalty is a fine sentiment but it is a democratic political position one must be loyal to, not personalities and undemocratic behaviour. The latter is what created the mess in the first instance and we are today picking up the pieces.

The 32 CSM lodged a legal challenge at the UN under international law upholding the sovereignty of the Irish Nation as part of the process to protect the rights of the Irish people, to protect our sovereignty and challenge its violation.

Vol Kevin “Kiddo” Murray took that brave and principled step and by so doing found himself facing a partitionist legal process and incarcerated in Portlaoise Gaol.

His time there was equally principled and caring and as we all sadly know his health deteriorated with terminal illness.

If there is one legacy or lesson in the actions of Kiddo it is that he made his decision based on good authority, not on blind faith.

Republicans today have a duty to move forward on good analysis based on democratic decision making and a strategy that will stand up to scrutiny.

There can be no returning to the failures of the pre-1998 treaty position, the challenge is based on upholding and protecting our sovereignty.

Our actions today have to be relevant to our people, to our communities and to the republican base.

The distraction by the establishment and compliant media about armed struggle is just that, a mere distraction.

We know full well conflict is an inevitable outcome when a nation’s sovereignty is usurped and violated.

Our actions is to address that core cause of conflict and find a resolution befitting a lasting tribute to Vol Kevin Kiddo Murray, a fitting tribute to all who gave their lives for Irish freedom.

Today giving the divisions or perceived division that exist across the republican base it is important to note that standing together we are strong and divided we fall.

Republicans need unity of purpose based on democratic decision making to ensure that never again will republicans blindly follow populism at the expense of principle.

It can only take us back to the 1998 position.

The 32 CSM is the only organisation with a good analysis and principled position in challenging the violation of our sovereignty as outlined in the 1916 Proclamation, ratified by the people of Ireland resulting in our Declaration of Independence.

That is our position, our Independence and freedom was declared and as history records the British Government refused to accept the democratic will of the Irish people and through the threat of force imposed partition resulting in the violation of our sovereignty. Our rights were violated and remain so to this very day.

No amount of border polls based on the illegal interference by a foreign government can give legitimacy to Stormont Westminster or Leinster House.

The only poll/referendum the Irish people need is a post British one based on how our proud Nation is governed.

Turning now to the plight of the POW’s, like Kiddo there continues to exist in Ireland political prisoners. Their plight continues and as republicans we all have a duty to do what we can to highlight their plight, both in welfare terms and in political terms. Both are inextricably linked.

We are coming up to Christmas and as you know December is prisoner month, the IRPWA a separate group but integral republican organisation in that it looks after the welfare of the POW’s to ensure that they are not left wanting and that their families are not neglected, I ask you gathered here today to ensure that when you go home you set about setting up structures which reflect our sovereign position and also get people organised to raise the much needed finance for the IRPWA to ensure the POW’s needs are met.

There is also the continued abuse of rights against Irish people and miscarriages of justice.

For example; Gerard Mc Manus is 4 years on remand, Martin Corey 3 years interned on licence, DD Mc Laughlin on remand, licence revoked. Brendan Mc Conville and John Paul Wooton known as the Craigavon Two, 3 years imprisoned, miscarriage of justice. Colin Duffy 2 years imprisoned, acquitted at trial. Brian Shivers imprisoned for life, conviction overturned.

Add to all of that, contrived charges and the use of covert intelligence and we see a deliberate systematic targeting of individuals to remove them from their freedom and to use such abuse of their rights resulting in their internment.

This is all politically motivated to halt any chance of meaningful opposition to the illegal sovereign claim of the British Government and to stop the republican challenge to the violation of Irish National Sovereignty.

Vol Kiddo Murray stood up to this discrimination, let us all stand up together to this abuse of our civil rights and let us all stand together with our challenge to the violation of our sovereignty.

To Kiddo’s wife Phyllis and their family we made a commitment that the sacrifices Kiddo made will never be forgotten, we reiterate that today and in doing so let us ensure that those who stand at this graveside in years to come are as principled, sincere and caring as Vol Kevin Kiddo Murray. Never again can republicans be led by undemocratic leadership motivated organisations that can only take republicans back to the 1998 treaty position.

Republicans have a duty of care to each other to ensure we stand united on matters of principle and by so doing we can all successfully work towards a Sovereign Ireland free from outside interference and free to democratically determine our own future and governance.
As we leave here let us commit as Kiddo did to upholding the sovereignty of the Irish Nation.

Beir Bua.



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