MSG from Toronto Forum on Cuba read at Popular Power in Venezuela meeting yesterday

14 Nov

Dear Sisters and brothers;
Greetings to you all for coming together to hear directly from Katerina, an activist who lives in Venezuela and in solidarity with the revolutionary Bolivarian process underway.
As a small community-based organization; we understand that nothing is more important than to carrying out educational/informational work on the issues we care about.
The friendship and solidarity that exists amongst the Cuban and Venezuelan nations in recent days has become a knife in the heart of a right-wing opposition that likes to take back Venezuela to the days before the Bolivarian Revolution. Meaning no attention to the education of the disposed, no attention to the medical needs of the poor and the working people, and certainly no attention to the need to fight hunger and poverty.
That is why we saw just days ago how the banner of Cuba was put on fire in Merida by a bunch of opposition supporters, read Capriles pro-imperialist forces. They don’t want to see the Cuban doctors, educators, and others to be in Venezuela. They don’t want the projects like “operation miracle” which helps patients to receive eye-operations so that they could see the world and not become blind. Tens of thousands in Venezuela have received this free medical procedures and millions of human beings have gained their eye-sights free of charge because of fraternal agreement between Cuba and Venezuela.
The same way that the Cuban people are suffering from the unjust imprisonment of the Cuban Five in U.S. prisons for fighting U.S.-based terrorism against Cuba; the rightis forces under the leadership of Capriles and friends would not hesitate to unleash terror and violence against the Bolivarian people and the only way to respond to it is by ever mobilizing more people in the grass roots.
We could talk endlessly of the importance of saving the Bolivarian Revolution but what is important of all at this time is to be vigilent and ready to defend the ever-needed mass mobilizations in order to defend the Bolivarian process.
Wish you success in your deliberations.
Morteza Gorgzadeh for
Toronto Forum on Cuba

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