The Santa Claus Parade and children these days.

16 Nov

Its seven am and i decided to call my friend and go with her and her son to the Santa Claus Parade, needing coffee and being lazy I asked her to get her Cousin to watch the child and to have her pick me up.

After Stopping at the Tim Hortons and getting the new extra large coffee with a shot of espresso and having several smokes we went and picked up her son. I use to really hang out with him alot and we get on fairly well, so when my friend asked me to chat with him while she changes we started talking. We started by making small talk about Alaska and how I use to live in the Arctic close to where Santa lives, and telling him stories of my travels to China, I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He had a devilish look on his face and told me a lump of coal. I started laughing and asked him why and he told me why. After a bit of banter and joking around he asked why I was on TV and youtube and why I burnt the flag and all that followed. Not wanting to get really into it I gave him an explanation that I hold certain views that others might not hold but it doesn’t make me a bad person nor those who disagree with me and although I may not agree with the politicians and what they stand for, I love the people (this kid is after all eight). He then started talking to me about racism and genocide and told me that even though his mom is not native (shes Irish) she doesnt want to kill him or wipe him out and he articulated some really serious thoughts. I answered that everywhere there are good people and bad people and started carrying on that way when he interrupted me and told me that there were many many really bad people and he really wanted to talk about it to me.

I know his mom very well and know that she does not talk politics at all around her child, and makes sure he has Mc Donalds, watches regular TV, buys him Nike and such so he can fit in so these question and thoughts are obviously not coming from her but his own experience, particularly school.

We start talking about school and use this as a way to talk about reading and he is reading to me about Scuba diving and asking questions like what is rubbish. Then he looks up and tells me you know God is not real. I’m shocked to hear a child say this and what he articulated to me later shocked me more. He said my mother believes in God but she is wrong if there was a God is why is there so much suffering and why is there so many bad things happening in this country like people being poor etc.

His mom came out and I told her how smart her son is and ask her if she heard the conversation. She told me that he heard bits and pieces, and we chat a bit.

I dont want to give you the wrong impression, this child is always smiling and happy and polite, and has whatever he needs include judo lessons etc. even if his mom must make sacrifices, yet his analysis of the world is spot on and he doesn’t hold illusions others do and should have.

We start talking about his Birthday and how we are going to go to Elmira and look at waterfalls and we park.His mother tells him story’s of how me and her use to walk up this hill all the time when he was in her belly and have really long discussions as I would walk her home then when we would get to her house would walk me home then when we would get to my house i would walk her back.

We pointed to the steps we would always sit on and the highschool she went to and such and started joking about monsters and talking about the parade. We get there and the place is packed, and he sees the police and asks if they will arrest me. I make some jokes and change the subject smoothly and then go to buy to some gingerbread men, chocolate milk, and of course another coffee for myself. They are out of Gingerbread men so i buy two muffins with icing and candy canes and snowmen on. We go sit down and Im consuming my coffee, his mom is having the chocolate milk because i bought the wrong kind, and he is getting frosting on his face. I go to the side, out of the way and have a cigarette. His mom tells him if hes not going to eat the other muffin he should put it in the box and carry it. He says he doesnt know how to do it and she should, my friend looks at my and be both start giggling, “I wonder where he picked that up from she says”, I start laughing.

Despite the fact that the parade is a political spectacle with the Falan Dafa, Loyalists , Army and other idiots marching we sit on my coat and start looking at different floats. The Liberal Party marches by and they come and say hi to me and I introduce them to my friends kids and we make some chit chat (despite my political views I do get along with quite a few Liberal Party people), she feels sorry that they ran out of candy canes, but that’s fine because other people are handing out candy, hot chocolate etc. The Golden tiger boxing club marches by and they start play boxing with him and tell him he will a great martial artist one day. He starts grinning ear to ear, for some strange reason there is a witch in the parade and I tell him that she should have been in the Oktoberfest parade and he looks at me and says thats when people just drink beer and act like Nazis. I real try not to laugh, so I duck out for a second and sneak a smoke totally cracking up. When the army marches he asks me why they have guns and I point further down and ask him if he can see Santa, various other people dressed up in costumes come by and i help him put his mitts on his ears so he could be a reindeer. When the police march by he refuses to look, and tells me storys of some of his mates at school whose parents have had trouble and been stolen by them, as well as mentions some of the interactions he has seen me have with them on TV. I try to change the subject again and more people are handing out candy and such.

We start walking back and Im chatting with his mom about how fucked up it is that he is exposed to all this sort of evil at such a young age and how different it was when we were kids. She talks about how the world has changed alot and gone to shit and its full of drug dealers, criminals and peadophiles as well as racist fucks and children, esp. if they are marginalized grow up quick.

I get home grab a pack of smokes and light up and am appalled at the loss of innocence that children are experiencing today and I call an old friend up and complain, he points out that I must have a very short selective memory and brings up all the shit that i went through as a kid and my thinking process, and how from a very young age I lost my innocence as well.

I go out and have another smoke and really start to think about this. In the past I have been told that I have become harder, more polarized and more brutal, and that my hatred and desire to destroy the system has grown to such an extent that I have lost that thing that made me who I am. If that is true and I dont deny it today has just intensified this. Children should grow up in a world where they dont need to question the existence of God because the world seems horrible, nor should they grow up in a world where they know what police violence is and be intimidated by it. Children shouldn’t have to ask questions like why are those men carrying guns or know about places like jail and things such as arrest. Children should not have to grow up in a world where they know what systemic genocide is, nor economic exploitation, or know what Nazi’s are. Childhood should be about playing Zombie games, and finding out a way to stay up all night and see Santa.

I talk alot about the evils of the state and the system, and honestly the worst thing about colonialism and capitalism is the impact it has on children, especially when they go to school and their parents cant at least mantain the illusion that everything is alright. And while i know I am not saying or blearned anything that i did not already know this incident confirms the need to destroy this system that steels peoples child hood. And if in this process we become harder and more polarized, so be it, at least the next generation wont have to deal with it and for that any price is worth paying

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