Soldiers of the storm, written by a Continuity P.O.W.

17 Nov

The morning starts the night before
With brutish screws barging on the door,
They know that in our cells at night,
The spirit of freedom still shines bright.

Our dirt on the walls in now the norm,
With us being soldiers of this storm.
Sooner or later the storm will cease
Mother Ireland, one nation will be free.

The bitter cold chills to the bone,
You’re all with us, we’re not alone.
As we stand so proud with belief so true,
Comrades-in-arm’s, we salute you.

Twenty-three hours we’re behind the door,
Forced strip-searches degrading and sore,
Treated like filth, yes, dog cruel,
Extinguish the fire?
No they are adding the fuel !


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