Greetings from the Anti-Colonialist Working Group to the Ard Fheis of the 32 CSM

20 Nov


Anti Colonialist Working Group sends Revolutionary greetings to the 32 CSM, Its leadership, members on the this glorious occasion.
We hope your Ard Fheis is productive and successful. In this global era of conciliation with the forces of colonialism and the strengthening of the anglo-american
alliance of imperialism, you stand as a shining example of resistance to the forces of colonialism, refusing to be bought off or intimidated. The courage of your organization to stay strong and refuse to abandon your principles
in the face of intensified criminalization and attack by state forces not only shows true bravery and revolutionary conviction but also demonstrate the truth that repression breeds resistance.To paraphrase the words of a Russian Revolutionary, to wave the red flag on the barricades and in battle is not bravery, anyone can and will hoist the flag of revolution when the masses are fighting, true bravery is to hold the red flag when you are isolated, attacked and all seems to be lost, in those moments to be true to your ideas that is bravery. More then a decade after the GFA, you have held your flag of self determination and have weathered the storm through thick and thin and for that we salute you.

Here in Canada, over the next year, we hope to intensify our efforts to support your organization, as well as continue our struggle here against crown forces and criminal elements that seek to destroy our struggle against the attacks on Indigeous peoples, Quebecois and working class and marginalized communitys. We hope to expand our fundraising activities and intensify our struggle to free Irish POWS. We plan to launch campaigns of economic disruption targeting British financial interests, as well as do what we can do here to assist your just struggle.

Victory Belongs to The People!!!

Anti Colonialist Working Group


One Response to “Greetings from the Anti-Colonialist Working Group to the Ard Fheis of the 32 CSM”

  1. Michael December 8, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    Corporations and Elite families like the Rockefellers have long ago taken over this country and are running it to their benefit. Politicians are but puppets, installed by the Elite to run their agenda. That agenda is a socialist, one world government technocracy. That’s why the middle class is being destroyed. They don’t need us. The poor will not survive this shift, when the US economy collapses early next year.

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