Support The POWS!!!Christmas fundraising drive!!!

20 Nov

One of the biggest crimes of the British imperialism in the occupied six counties is the hurt and trauma that they cause to the families of those people who
dare to speak out for a united Ireland free from British economic and military rule. When Children see there parents brutalized, beaten and kidnapped by thugs in paramilitary garb calling themselves a police force, they not only lose those they love but also their child like innocence.
This brutality is very evident during holidays like Christmas where the loss of a family member is particularly evident. To top it off those family’s who are ripped apart by the British state are also economically targeted through losing a bread-winner and being blacklisted for employment and such.
While here in KKKanada there is not much we can do to stop this trauma that children face, we can send money to the family’s who are victimized by the British state so that there children can also have presents under the Christmas tree this year, giving some sense of normality to an abnormal situation. For this reason we are joining in the 32CSM Christmas drive. While many of us are poor and underemployed, we can each spare $10-$50 dollars this year to make sure that children whose parents are being targeted by the British state can also enjoy what we do here this Christmas. Our fundraising goal is $2000 KKKanadian Dollars, something we can achieve if we put our minds to it. To contribute or help out please email or talk to any member of ACWG. Together we can achieve this goal and make sure that the British Grinch does not ruin Christmas this year!!!


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