Community Space For All Not Condos For The Rich!!!

21 Nov

Today in response to the social cleansing in the downtown core, and displacement of poor people to make space for yuppies and their condos, we decided that we would hold our free food and politics program in front of the city centre Condo development office/model condo in the downtown core. By doing this we aim to show the people who are attempting to replace us that we are not going away, as well as continue to create space in the community for people to come together discuss the problems that we are facing and come up with solutions. By doing this we are meeting the needs of the people in terms of food etc. as well as resisting by existing. Expect us every week!!!!!!


One Response to “Community Space For All Not Condos For The Rich!!!”

  1. doug November 22, 2013 at 4:01 am #

    Well if you and your welfare collecting buddy’s all got jobs then you to could afford to buy one of these condo’s instead of protesting the hard working people that are buying them!!

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