Bourgeois Outlook

29 Nov

Peoples reality and understanding of the world around them is directly shaped by there interaction and understanding of there enviroment.
In other words they percieve the world based on what they see and experiance and interperate the based on that. Enviroment and how one analysis ones enviroment, in other words is the basis of their reality.

One of the issues in the movement at this point in time is criticism, attacks and base criminalisation by those whose outlook and understanding is diffrent then those force on the ground dealing with day to shit and crisis.
As was stressed earlier enviroment plays a desisive factor on outlook, to this I would like to stress another point, Enviroment also plays a desisive factor on desire for change eg. if your enviroment is diffrent then those under attack and you are comfortable in your enviroment, then the urgency and necessity is not there as much as for someone who is directly affected. Also given the fact that they are outside looking in these individuals have the luxury not to be confronted with crisis after crisis, but rather to be cold and objective because to them the issue is not one that affects them directly but rather a mental exersise which gives them the ability and luxury to theorise and say how things should be because to them it is an abstract problem.

This issue of overintelectualizing and critism for the sake of critism and all other such non sense can only be solved by having those who critisize to activly engage and change ther enviroment, only then will they understand and be able to give an actual informed opinion and tell others what to do.


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