Intensify our peoples programs!!!!!!!!!

10 Dec

As the neo liberal offensive if creating greater disparity and as the gentrification process is displacing more and more people, we must step up to the plate and intensify our peoples programs. It is clear that the state and social agencies are failing the people in the downtown core and many of the social ills that we face as a community will not be solved by the poverty pimps nor the state.

The one the ground reality is heartbreaking as more are doing without and with the winter coming the lack of resources available to poor people in the core will intensify. Since it is clear that no one else will do it we must step to the plate and professionalize our work.

At this point in time too much work is falling on too few people and as a result unprofessionalism and haphazard implementation of our policies such as our free food programs, direct action case work etc. is what we are faced with.

We must remember our base of support comes from the streets and as such implementing these programs must be our top priority. Creating the alternative and supporting our base that supports us is political and just as important, if not more important than flashy or cool causes that come and go.

With the Holidays approaching the pressure on us to meet the needs of the people will intensify and we must step up to the plate and meet these challenges in an organized way, analysing what is working, what is not and what else we must do to consolidate our work.

It is clear that if we dont do it no one else will do it for us, and as such we must make our people s programs our number one priority.

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