From Turtle Island To Romania End Fracking!!!!

12 Dec

Dec. 19th 6pm Kitchener City hall

Support the Struggle in Pungesti

Over the last few weeks as a result of peoples demanding an end to Chevrons destruction of their land in Pungesti, Romanian police and private security have been targeting and indiscriminately attacking and brutalizing protestors and non protestors alike. Despite this the people of Pungesti are still Resisting.

Here on Turtle Island those who seek to plunder the resources of sovereign nations through the same method calling fracking have led paramilitary assaults and were beat back through resistance. Though SWN has left there legacy of violence is still there with Warriors being incarcerated and brutalized and as we speak more Fraking is being planned on indigenous territory without consultation.

As people who benefit from the system of colonialism here and abroad we must support the just struggles of all nations to defend the earth, water and for self determination.

Come out and say no to fracking!!!

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