This New Year We will Intensify our programs to deal with the drug problem!!!!!

13 Dec

This year we have seen the intensification of the drug problem in our community, as more and more youth are attempting to bludgeon their    consciousness and escape a reality of austerity and state systemic violence imposed on workers and poor people.
The Drug Problem directly (through OD’s etc.) and indirectly (gangland violence) has cost our community many good lives. With the intensification of enforced poverty, deindustrialisation, gentrification and other attacks on poor people, our community has been deeply affected and demoralised intensifying the lure that the drug world offers, quick money and a quick escape.
Over the last few years we have been working on and off to implement a program that has come about through community consultations with all those affected by this .Our proposal has been very positively received and what little of it that we were able to implement has also been well received.   unfortunately due to the severity of the problem and its impact on our community, as well as general attacks by the state on our politics we have been diverted from this.

In the new year, we hope to relaunch and professionalize our work around this issue drawing in and working with all members of society that see the need to find solutions as opposed to simply leave things in the hands of the state that has no interest in putting forward a solution that goes to the root of this problem. As part of intensifying our people s programs we hope to create the alternative in a manner that isnt simply reformist but creates the conditions to deal with the underlying problems. I hope you will join us!!!

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