Why I Support The 32CSM

16 Dec

To The Woman and men on the blanket back then how can you just let it all happened again-Pol Mac Adiam

Several years ago we decided to throw a fundraiser for SF, and i called my friend who was in contact with them and he was kinda like fuck julian just send them an email heres their contact im sick of you trying to use me as the public face for everything. I sent an email explaining who I was and what we wanted to do. A speaker from Toronto agreed to comedown, we would give him an honorarium etc.
Due to the fact that Stratford, where I was living at that time, was in the snowbelt and the weather was shit, he couldnt make it down but sent us a message to read at the event. I printed it out without looking at it. After several speakers got up and said stuff i went up and read the message. Halfway through the message it stated that “the dissidents and those who shot the two soldiers are traitors”. I was shocked but continued to read the msg.Some people in the crowd boo’ed and then when singers were singing rebel songs some people started making smart ass remarks and told the singers to fuck off. Seeing that there was tension between those who supported the msg and those who though the GFA was a bunch of shit. I made the mistake of inviting everyone to my house for drinks. We had some discussion which broke out into fist fights with heads going into walls and what not, I started yelling at people “this is my house and if anyones going to get drunk and cause shit its going to be me.” Seeing the fight was going on between people in the Irish community, the punks and anarchists decided to get involved, cops were called but i dealt with it (due to my cloat at the time they didnt really want to get involved)……needless to say the damage to the venue and my house made it such that no money was raised. This incident opened my eyes to some of the contradictions within the republican movement and was the first time I had a decent chat with someone about the so called dissidents. Till that point in time I believed that like Venezuela and other country’s NI was implementing a peace agreement that would allow the creation of a unified 32 County Socialist Republic. But the issues raised that night made me second guess my approach. I bought the idea hook line and sinker that the “dissidents” were right wing extremists who were actively working to sabotage the road to the creation of a socialist republic unified free from the brits. Yet some of the question raised that night made me think twice. If this process was bringing peace and justice why were police still fighting and attacking kids protecting their neighbourhood, why was the GFA supporting organizations openly condemning other activists for doing the same thing that the provos were doing back in the day? Why was the leadership of SF calling on people to inform? These ideas did not sit well with quite a few of us, yet we still openly backed the GFA and looked to people like Adams and Co. as heros.

Talking to a Native comrade whose family suffered much at the hands of the state that lead to the death of his brother, he told me all these accusations that they are levelling at the “dissidents” are stuff they say about me, that Im a rogue factionalist, that my politics and refusal to accept this injustice makes me a trouble maker etc. Maybe you need to stop buying the lies the media tells you, remove your sentimentalism and examine what is really going on. Openly I still supported the GFA, as did many of our comrades, but quietly we started to examine things. During the G20 on the monday, an SF’er marched with us and with his flag and we were asking him all sorts of questions, he gave me his contact info, but due to all the shit that went down we never really got in touch. Still their were many unanswered question and our position at that time was support the GFA, and support those who are fighting. Holding such a position, fence-sitting, is easy for those who are living in the comfort of North America, but like all illusions it eventually got smashed. Many people I have had a lot of respect for would argue with me and my comrades the stupidity of our position, eg. the only way forward in Columbia is through armed struggle, that national liberation can only be achieved by the people taking power, but those people in the Occupied Six Counties should wait and suffer in silence why the politicians sat down with the brits and worked arrangements. All of our illusions were shattered when we read an article about Colin Duffy taking about the dirty protests in MagHaberry. We never had access to this information and to see the tactics used by the state against their former comrades sickened us.This made us study Price Corey and others and we came to the realisation that a system that brutalises and tortures their former comrades is a criminal state. For them to administer a system of brutalization and repression against their former comrades in the name of peace demonstrated that A. there was no Peace and B.The price of this peace is unacceptable. The more we learned about the prisoners and the more we learned about why they were in there, the more we got to understand the fact that the GFA has not brough peace to the occupied six counties but rather entrenched the occupation. At this point in time we started to truly examine who these “dissidents” really are and what we found out shocked us. Contrary to what the Media said they were not right-wing crazed militants but rather principled people who refused to sell out their ideas and principles for salaries and seats in Stormont. They were not the people who were a roadblock to peace but rather those who understood that there can be no justice or peace achieved through selling out your principles and playing the games of the oppressors. Of all the “dissident organizations 32CSM was the most principled with a clear program and a way forward. The 32CSM as a organzation was firm committed to the cause and refused to be bought off or broken. Based on Republican Ideals they made it clear that they were not there as a political party to get seats, but rather a movement for all those who agree in a unified Irish Republic where the people themselves can determine their destiny. When the GFA was put forward they took a political position that may have been unpopular at the time, but they stuck to it because there politics were based on conviction not popularity. In other words they recognised what was right and held firm to that even if it was not convenient. The hardships that they endured for their politics at the hand of the state aimed to break them only strengthened there convictions. This made me realise these are the people we must support, those who are fighting for justice not comfort. Today it is quite obvious to many that they were right in taking the line they took, as more and more people see through the lies of shared space and other such nonsense.

MI5 considers the Dissident threat at an all time high, and I would agree with them for different reasons. The threat that the 32CSM and other principled people pose to the state is the threat of example. As long as they stick to the principles they are like a wound on those like Gerry Kelly reminding them of what they once were and what they have become. They are a political threat because of the example they set, an example of refusing to give up your principles in the face of the most brutal attacks and still hold high your banner of resistance.There example is an inspiration to all, and as an Anti Colonialist I support this brave example and think that we have much to learn from them, and as Internationalists we are duty bound to support them.

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