This Friday Call the British Consulate and Demand that they free Colin Duffy and all internees

17 Dec

Colin Duffy, an Irish republican is has been once again arrested by state forces due to the fact that he is an outspoken critic of the occupation in Ireland. This tactic of arresting and fabricating charges is not uncommon and has been used time and time again Duffy who has been arrested in the past only to be released. His arrest has nothing to do with law and order but rather is an attempt by the occupational forces to silence and censor those who dare speak of a unified 32 County Ireland free from British Political military and economic control.

Internment by remand and selective prosecution used by the Brits to silence and intimidate people is unacceptable. They aim to make Duffy a scapegoat and teach people a lesson by showing that anyone who dares to hold politics that doesnt fit in with the world view of the occupational forces will face repression. For us on the outside in Various countries we have a duty to teach the brits a lesson, which is that the world is watching and that we will hold them accountable for the crimes that they are committing. All those who believe in human rights should take a stand and let the Brits know that this is unacceptable. This Friday Call the consulate and demand that Colin Duffy and all interned Be Freed. Here is their number in Toronto
416 593 1290.

End Political Policing!!!!
End Internment By Remand!!!!
Free Colin Duffy and all interned by the occupation!!!!!!!

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