All Your Flegs are belong to us, Gary Mchale, The JDL. UVF and the culture of siege!!!

18 Dec

Several years ago when i was in Cuba there was a group of JDL type Zionists staying at the same place as i was. Given the crimes of Zionism and what Cuba stands for I was pretty surprised and engaged some of them in discussion.
What really struck me was when we were talking about Palestine and there right to determine their own destiny, they were convinced that the reason i didnt support them was because i was brainwashed and if only I know the truth
then I would side with them. They spent hours explaining to me that they were under siege and in a sea of Arabs that ment to exterminate them it was important for them to resist. After several hours of discussion and debate it became clear to me
that they suffered from some sort of siege mentality and that they truly believed that as Gods chosen people they felt some sort of manifest destiny, similar to the ideology used by Christian settlers to wipe out the Indigenous people here.
The other thing that struck me was their crazy fear that if freedom was granted to Palestinians their culture and way of life would be destroyed.

Back in KKKanada, I spent quite a bit of time watching and opposing Anti Native activist Gary McHale making the same arguments. White people’s way of life was threatened by these “lawless” Indigenous people at Six Nations, a double standard was enforced and
unless they resisted their way of life and culture was at risk. With some sort of “divine mandate” Him and his goons would go on Native land with KKKanadian flags, provoking violence, hate and attacking and criminalizing people whose only crime was expressing their hereditary rights to the land that they own.
Under the guise of equal rights for white, this hoodlum and his goons portrayed themselves like the “white Martin Luther King” fighting to defend his culture and identity by imposing his views through violent demonstrations where his goons would march on Native land and wave flags of a occupying country,
inciting violence and hatred against indigenous people.

Currently in the occupied Six Counties of Ireland, Wullie Frazier, The UVF and other loyalists under the guise of culture and maintaining their identity have created a climate and hate with their flag protests, terrorising Belfast due to decision of the city council to fly the union jack, the flag of occupation only on selected days.
Claiming that their culture is under attack by “Irish Terrorists” they have engaged in acts of violence bringing the city to a stand still. This is not new, The UVF and others during marching season, in the name of culture set bonfires where they burn Irish flags as well as anything that symbolises Irish identity, only to demand the
right to march through the Ardoyne and Irish neighborhoods with their sectarian and hate fill songs and banners in the name of culture and identity. Ironically these people who crushed the civil rights movement in Ireland and cheered when paratroopers shot civil rights marchers during bloody Sunday now call their encampment a “civil rights camp”

When discussing this we must ask ourselves what is this culture that they are talking about and what is this identity that they see under threat? It’s quite obvious that the siege mentality that they live under and that they themselves have created stems from the fact that they are occupiers and settlers and as such they see all the colonized as a threat.
Those who have used violence and terror to maintain power over others can only see things in terms of violence and their fear stems from this.When they talk of culture they are not talking about customs or beliefs but rather their right to commemorate acts of conquest such as the battle of Boyne and to remind those who are colonised that they have power and are not going to give it up.

When Gary Mchale and his like are talking about their culture being under threat what they are talking about is the threat of them losing power over those whom through the use of arms and terror they have subjugated. When he marches on the territory at Six, he is stating that this history of conquest and terror is not over and is doing it to remind people of the settler power entrenched in the system.
When wullie Frazier and his like create havoc over the sacred flag and the orange order and the UVF march through the Ardoyne it is to remind Irish people that they still are living under occupation and that there is nothing that they can do about it since the institutions of the state back this colonialist project.

Their culture entrenches their identity as settlers and colonizers, an identity that they grasp and when they talk about their identity being threatened, they are talking about the identity as colonialists and as such any expression of the colonized to express their identity and right to be is a threat to their world view where there colonialist project defines who they are.
It is within this context that the colonizers, be they Zionist, white settlers or loyalists, when they are “fighting for their culture and Identity” are fighting to maintain the power structures that strengthen their power and privilege. When they say “No Surrender”, “Equal Rights for Whites” or other slogans what they are saying is that they will never give up the power they have over the colonized and
will do whatever it takes to crush anything that threatens their privilege. This is due to the fact that their culture rests on the destruction of the culture and identity of those whom they occupy and colonize. Like Zionists building settlements in the west bank they believe that they have a god given right to continuously expand and steal more and more territory and when the Palestinians resists this
they place themselves as the victims calling them terrorists while ignoring the terror and violence that they themselves impose.

By placing themselves as victims and appropriating slogans like civil rights etc. they entrench in the popular discourse the idea that they are the ones whose culture and identity is under attack, not having to answer the question what is this culture and identity that they profess and what does that mean as people living on stolen land.By placing themselves, the occupiers as victims,they not only dont have to answer these uncomfortable questions, but attempt to legitimize an identity and culture based on fear and terror.

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