What Do I Know

20 Dec

Today after a very successful phone jam of British Consulates I was supposed to interview someone from the Irish Freedom Committee about the case of Colin Duffy. As soon as The program started, the phone screwed up and then the station went off air for the duration of my time slot.
To state that it is the state interfering without study or analysis may be paranoid, especially if another explanation is available. One must take into consideration the fact that community radio is underfunded and the equipment is not the best. In light of this all one can do
is follow the famous saying seek truth from facts. What are the facts?The facts are that mail that has been sent to me continuously goes missing and does not arrive, esp. if it political in nature. A banner went missing as well as CD’s, Books, Letters and other such things. This has
also happened when they have been sent to address’ that are not my own but know to affiliate or associate with. Political material mailed to my comrades has also gone missing with no good explanation. Mail that I have sent has not arrived at its destination, and the same thing goes
for my comrades. This includes letters that I have sent to political prisoners here. My facebook, blog and other forms of electronic methods of communication has and is still being monitored by state agency’s. This has come up in my court as well as other people’s court, as well as
been confirmed by officers on the street through their snide remarks.Pressure has been put on former employees as well as places that I write for me not to work there or not to publish shit I write. I am under physical surveillance esp. before any protests actions etc. that I have
participated or organized or help promote as well as have been the victim of infiltration and attempts to turn people I am around into snitches.This has been proven in court and corroborated by people on the streets as well as cocky cops such as stover who have stated “I use to
attend the public meetings you helped organize on campus” in front of witnesses. The same has happened to many of my comrades.People who are my friend and i associate with have been target for harassment surveillance and arrest by the state, and CAS has intimidated single mothers
with intervening and possibly taking their children for what appears like to me for being political. We also know that I appear on people’s non association despite the fact that at this point in time I have no charges pending nor am I involved in these people’s legal problems in any way.
We also know that I have in the past been charged for what I write and the state has tried to get the server that hosts my blog to take it down. (i beat these charges and the host did not take it down)

What do we know about functions and other such actions of international solidarity. We Know that fundraisers etc. are heavily monitored by police and artists venues etc.have been harassed for performing etc. We Know that during two functions people who were suppose to play could not
due to legal reason brought on by the state. We know that people who have visited have been interrogated and grilled at customs. We also know that police have harassed activists here in KKKanada asking them their affiliation with political movements that are not proscribed. The list goes on and on.

In light of this the issue is not whether or not there was state intervention today, but rather that there is a pattern of political persecution and accidents that continuously happenned.As well in the past it has come up that our most paranoid delusions could not imagine the level of surveillance and state fuckery really going on.
We could speculate but that would miss the point, which is that there is a pattern of repression aimed at people for being political.

The other facts that we must examine is the fact that despite this there is still a movement, their has been a movement and their will be a movement no matter what they do and they are powerless to stop this!!!!So if it was state intervention I really dont care because one thing that unify people and strengthens our movement
is their attacks and them exposing what they are doing just strengthens us.So interfere away our conviction and resolve cant be broken!!!

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