Phone jam to British Consulate, Free Colin Duffy and Irish POWS, end political policing!!

24 Dec


Friday Dec. 27th 9:OOam-5:00pm

This holiday season while we sit with our families and enjoy the festivities, many family’s in the occupied six counties will not be able to do so as a direct result of the attacks of The British state against those who refuse to allow their culture history and identity be erased.
Over the last several weeks the PSNI/RUC and their Guardia lackeys have been targeting and arresting Irish Republicans with the express purpose of not only trying to intimidate people and stop them from being political. but also as a way of punishing their family’s and loved ones who instead of enjoying the holidays will be worried about there loved ones locked in the belly of the beast.
Particularly horrible is the arrest of Colin Duffy and two others, who are interned by remand ripped away from the friends family and community that loves them. Duffy in particular has been arrested time and time again only to be released when it has been proven in court that he is innocent. This type of psychological war against Irish Republicans and there loved ones is unacceptable and us on the outside, as humanists and internationalists have a duty to take a stand and let the brits know enough is enough. I ask all people to join in this phone jam and let the brits know that these crimes are not going to be carried out in silence and that people all over the world are watching.

Here is the phone number of the british consulate in Toronto

416 593 1290.

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