A state within a state

27 Dec

Last night i was dreaming about my mom. In my culture dreams about dead people are important because they are seen as having some sort of important message, or communication.
We were at our old drop in centre and we were with some old friends discussing, what else , politics. We were talking about the futility of petitons and how not only are they pointless but actually serve the state because you give them
names addresses and phone numbers of those that dont agree with their politics so they know who to watch. We also talked about reformism and how social movements that dont have their own agenda are week because they are easy to be misused
by political parties or NGO’s to be used as pawns is the game of politics, serving as rent a mobs in the political game. I smiled because that sort of talk is how my mom use to think. My cat woke me up and i went for a smoke, made some coffee and chatted with my mate in donegol,who was making fun of me for sleeping through all of yesterday.

I started to think about this dream while i was sipping on my coffee and remembering back in the day when we started the first youth run youth drop in centre in KKKanada.Gary Askins, an intelligence officer once stated that we acted as a state within a state and that was true. We had our own rule, our own laws and the police had no authority or were not allowed inside.
This did not mean it was a party house, as many assumed it would be, but rather a place where we discussed the problems that we faced and came up with solutions.For example we realised that there was aliteracy problem so we started our free schools, with the help of progressive profs and others who would come and educate. We realized that the state was fucking people over in terms of welfare disability and such, so we started direct action case work taking over offices and such until people would get there checks. We fought against CAS, winning many victory and studied the works of Mao, Che, Ho Chi Minh. Lenin, Gerry Adams (this was back in the day before we realised what was what) and others to have an understanding of revolutionary theory with the purpose of practise.
Through our copwatch program we fought police tooth and nail,and through our squats, tent citys on the mayors lawn and other such things we won many victory getting the city to create many units of affordable housing. We saved the Mayfair a few times, and in terms of anti social behaviour we had programs to get youth off of drugs, as well as a people’s court to deal with fucked up things that people did, never relying on the police or state. All our politics . including our international solidarity like supporting the FARC-EP or fighting the blockade came from the understanding that it was important for us to come together discuss our politics and set our own agenda.All of this was done by fighting both the state and there agents who have infiltrated us time and time again but could get nothing due to the fact that we worked on a need to know basis and attacks from their lackeys neo nazi scum who acted as their paramilitary wing. Smashing our windows and attacking and jumping us. We dealt with both of them from a principled position, never let the nazis have the street and meet force with force. If they attacked us with words we would respond as such, if they would attack us with fists we would respond in kind.(it should be noted that in terms of operation vis a vis infiltration, this was before conspiracy charges have been started to be used on activists, so we could all get together and decided we would do a squat, and a small group of people would see that it got done, now due to the states new modus operandi we have adapted, though the cost of this lesson was pretty high).

Our political work came for our experience and analysis setting our own program, and at the hight of this police could not make an arrest in the core due to our influence without expecting a fight and they would take at least five officers to do this.Despite the attacks from the state we enjoyed considerable support in the community winning a crime prevention council award and having the courts validate the importance of our work by allowing us to maintain our functioning of the centre, eg. not to l;eave your house except to go to the centre not to associate with this or that person except inside the centre etc. and all the positive impact we have had on our community was always acknowledged creating this dichotomy that cops would nab us crowns would persecute us and judges would be like what the fuck.
This also stopped us from being like other activists that go from cause to cause, we had our program which came from our discussion where we stated what we believed was right and when attacked we would defend it, physically if necessary. Years later, with the centre closing we still have the same ideology in terms of our problems and solutions. We recognise that the state will not solve our problems so we ourselves must do it, and even though we dont have a place that we run due to the impact of our work we meet in community spaces that acknowledge the positive stuff that we do. Though the repression is still here and in some ways the surveillance has intensified, though we have no funds and are working out of our pockets and due to those factors are peoples programs are not as organized as they could be, though we cant put up FARC-EP posters or pictures of Che in our meeting places, we still carry on because at the end of the day our politics doesnt come from money or resources,nor do we need propaganda posters to remind us who we are, nor do we need to pander to middle class intellectuals who like our work on paper but are shocked when they actually meet marginalized people and they dont fit up to the streotype of the “glorious proletariat” found in the socialist wanker because our politics come from discussing the problems and setting our own politics, and although Che does not hang on the wall of our meeting space that is fine because he is in our hearts.

In this context, my dream could be seen as my mom reminding me not to lose focus or get caught up in various petitions etc. which lose sight of the bigger picture, defend the rights of the people by examining the problems we are facing, take a stand and defend it unconditionally.This is what our politics have been and what our politics are. (To be on the safe side though i will donate some money to my friends who are broke just in case that’s what she was telling me…..yes i am a marxist but one of the most superstitious materialists you will ever meet ……..lol)


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