Organizational report for previous year and what must be done in the next year

31 Dec

To be presented on Jan. 3rd to local committee

Comrades and Friends

This new year is a time of contemplation and reflection, what have we done in the past year, what obstacles have we encountered and how must we move ahead.
This year was a year a struggle and victory, from our legal battles, won on a political basis with no conciliation, to our fights against the cut to social services, to our occupations, sit in and disruptions
one may say that the spirit of this year was a spirit of resistance and rejection of class conciliation. Our Peoples programs such as the wed. food programs have been launched, our work in factories like Schneider’s to distribute and politicize the people has been successful and our anti colonialist work has reached new heights.
Despite state attack, criminalization and attempts to marginalize our struggle we have held our flag of revolution and have not conciliated, winning victory that people have said are impossible. We participated in the creation of international solidarity networks stretching from sea to sea, have participated in setting up peoples media to get our voices heard and for the first time in post GFA history of KKKanada brought an Irish Republican speaker to tour across the country and break the silence on what is happening in the occupied six counties.
This has also been a hard year as many of us lost loved ones and friends due to the drug scourge that is effecting our city and the criminality that is associated with that as well as to reasons beyond our control.In terms of the drug issue we must re start our peoples programs that create alternatives. Our enemies are not the addicts nor the people in destitution who score a pill for a friend but to those who flood our communities with poison and use the funding for nefarious reasons. The close ties between the ruling circles of drug dealers in our cities and various right wing fascist groups is well documented and the fact that they forces feel that they can attack members of our group, and in the case of other fascist forces actually show up to our court dates shows cockiness on their part. Our way of handling it politically by reclaiming the spaces where they sell and making them community spaces has been somewhat successful and we must intensify our efforts.
The fact that they are openly organizing and feel comfortable to carry out mass acts of vandalism, like what happened in Cambridge, or walk proudly down our streets with hateful insignia further demonstrates the need for us to confront them wherever they are on a political basis.Eg. we take our stand and then defend, the same way we work with our projects by they sit ins squats tent citys etc. This stems from our beliefs that our rights are inalienable and that when we express them and are attacked we have an inalienable right to defend them.Still its not enough to stay fuck the NAZIS Loyalists etc. but rather put forward our program through organization and by creating an alternative cut off their recruiting. Furthermore its not enough to say that this scum is responsible for what is around us in terms of the drug problem but we ourselves, myself included, must look at our failings at creating an alternative and creating well rounded ways of dealing with this problem. There blood is as much on our hands as political organizers as the dealers because we say we are defending our community yet it is clear that in many ways we have not done all we can do to implement our program, That is why the relaunching of dealing with drugs as a social issue is so important, as well as confronting and intensifying our struggle against fascist scum

Furthermore we must intensify our work in creating our own politics so as not to be used by social democrats and other reformist that want to tinker with the system and make it more humane.Any system built on genocide cannot be humane and attempts to tinker with it stems from settler privilege. This does not mean we shouldnt hold the state accountable and demand decent conditions fot humans etc. but it means that we must never lose site of the bigger picture, the over throw of colonialism here and abroad.Furthermore we need to intensify our support for our own prisoners here many who are locked up for defending themselves from a criminal state. ABC cant do everything.I dont mean to sound overbearing and scare people about the tasks that lie ahead, we cant all be doing everything, the key is organization and this year that should be our watchword. The main problem this year for us in the downtown core is the attempts of the gentrifiers to destroy the core to build condos, we have been fighting this for years but despite our efforts at slowing them down they have broken dirt. How are we to move forward and stop them?This is not impossible as our victorys with the Mayfair hotel and other such things has shown but we need a clear plan to move forward. If this goes through our base of support will be scattered and left to fend for themselves. We have several proposals to discuss ranging from this to other issues. Let us move forward collectively and make this the year of organization and resistance.

Victory belongs to the people!!!


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