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Parachute Regiment flags fly in Derry on Bloody Sunday anniversary

30 Jan


UNIONIST LEADERS have been urged to use their influence to remove Parachute Regiment flags erected in the Newbuildings area in County Derry on the eve of the anniversary of the ‘Bloody Sunday’ killings of civil rights marchers by British Army paratroopers in Derry City on 30 January 1972.

Thirteen anti-internment protesters were shot dead by the Paras; 14 others wounded, one of whom died later.

The Saville Tribunal Report of 2010 into the killings was heavily critical of the British Army and found that soldiers fired the first shot, contrary to longstanding and determined claims by British that they were responding to IRA sniper fire.

British Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs in the House of Commons after the report’s publication that he was “deeply sorry” for the events on Bloody Sunday.

He added that no warning had been given to any civilians before the soldiers opened fire; none of the soldiers fired in response to attacks by petrol bombers or stone throwers; some of those killed or injured were clearly fleeing or going to help those injured or dying; none of the casualties was posing a threat or doing anything that would justify their shooting; many of the soldiers lied about their actions

The head of the British Army, General Sir David Richards, said he fully supported the Prime Minister’s apology, as did General Sir Mike Jackson, who served in the Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday.

Despite the British state’s apology, Parachute Regiment flags have once again been erected by unionists on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

Derry Ógra Shinn Féin Chairperson Michael McCrossan said he has received a number of complaints about these flags being erected in the Newbuildings area.

“The erection of these flags is being seen as provocation in an effort to raise tensions in the Derry area,” he said.

“We now need to see leadership from within unionism to ensure that these flags are taken down as those who have erected them obviously did so to create a reaction from within the nationalist community.

“The people who erected these flags are only serving the interests of those opposed to the Peace Process and heightening community tensions in the city. This is now the time for clear leadership within the unionist community to help reduce tensions.”

On Violence

29 Jan

Its been awhile since i actually sat down and wrote something. A new year has come and with that new struggles have arose.
We have set a plan and agenda on how to find out what the problems in our community are and how to solve them and the reality is
that despite obstacles political and economical we have implemented our plan with much sucess.

Politically we are creating the space for opposition to the problems in our community that stem from the economic
system imposed on us as well as created networks of resistance and support systems. Internationally we have intensified our solidarity
and support with those engaged in struggles of liberation and against colonialism and ideologically we are creating
our freeschools and methods of education.In terms of media we now have our own publications, radio programs and community papers that make sure
that we will not be marginalized and our voice will get out.

These are not small accomplishments, neither are our victorys in the last few years, still though we are critisize by those who have accomplished nothing
other then theorising and telling us what is good and what is bad, without themselves emerging themselves in the struggle in any practical way. Their main critism, whichever way you look at it is that we believe in violence.

This weekend was the anniversary of the brutal murder of Kelsey whose body was dismembered and dumped in various places. Her Torso which was found in a dumpster shocked the community and those who knew her.
This disgusting crime carried out by anti social elements is simply an example of the intensified violence in our community carried out by parasites no diffrent then factory owners or other capitalists.
The fact that she was someone we knew and cared about only made this crime more horrendous in its brutality. Yet this murder is no diffrent then all the stabbingings,mruders OD’s and death and distruction carried out on a constant basis in our community.

The drug trade, and the right wing elements that run it, has plagued our sity for quite some time and prospers in this time
of de industrialization and unemployment. While factorys are closing, those who sell nightmares and deal in deal and misery
are literally making a killing and using their profits to finance their nefarious agenda. With the increase of the drug trade
we have seen an increase in activity by groups such as blood and honor, who contrary to their name have no honour and are cowards.
We have seen an increase of racial attacks as well as an increase of other right wing forces organizing with the state and liberal organzations doing nothing.

In this context violence is real and anyone who does not believ in violence must have to be blind or have their head in the sand.
Given the fact that i am a poor person living in an de industrialized area plagued with unemployment and all that comes with that
i have no choice but to believ that violence exists, I see it every day. From the police brutalising my friends, to CAS stealing my friends children
to right wing attacks and vandalism, to the drug plague that is taking the lives of those who i care about I have no choice
but to acknowledge the existance of violence, and like so many of my friends I dont have the comfort of leaving or going to
a place were “I feel safe” or comfortable but rather I am forced to acknowledge this as my reality.

This does not mean that I will sit around and do nothing about it. The politics that we are involved in is the politics of class struggle.
In other words anaylse the problem that is in front of us, mobalize the community and come up with solutions.This is done by recognising the reality we face
and deal with it accordingly.

In this analysis we must rely on our community and not sit back and be complacent. In doing this there is no space to acknowledge or argue with people
who ask stupid questions like do you believe in violence. Violence exists, the question is what will we do to defend our community not engage with those who
have all the answers and proper ways to speak but no nothing of our reality.

Commemoration of Those Murdered by the Nazis

28 Jan


On Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, the day in 1945 that Soviet troops liberated prisoners from the Nazis’ Auschwitz prison camp, the peace- and justice-loving people of the world join all those whose families suffered so greatly under the Holocaust, a program of systematic state-sponsored murder by the Hitlerite Nazis and their allies, the Italian fascists and Japanese militarists. The word “Holocaust” must be understood in its broadest sense as referring to the mass murder of all those who were persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered by the Nazis in Germany and the countries it occupied, especially the Jews and others targeted for extinction including the Roma and many Slavs as well as political opponents, particularly communists and resistance fighters. So too the Japanese militarists carried out the Nanjing Massacre and many other atrocities in China and throughout Southeast Asia, while to this day they owe reparations to the Koreans for the crimes committed against them.

The Western powers initially colluded with Nazi Germany with the hopes that it would wipe out the Soviet Union. U.S. monopolies such as General Motors, Ford, and ITT built military equipment for the Nazis. Standard Oil, Dupont, Alcoa, and General Electric made huge profits collaborating with the Nazis throughout the war. IBM helped the Nazis organize the systematic looting and subjugation of Poland. After the war, the U.S. brought thousands of known Nazis to the U.S. For example, SS Sturmbannführer Dr. Werner von Braun, who was put in charge of the U.S. missile program, oversaw the Nazis’ Mittelwerk rocket factory, which used slave labour from Nazi concentration camps. At the same time, the Western powers also wanted to crush Germany, because it threatened their economic and political interests. The German Nazis wanted to crush everyone, especially the Soviet Union and, as the war progressed, they hoped for Western assistance to do so. Thus revanchism, war and aggression were the order of the day, instead of all countries sorting out matters on the basis of opening society’s path to progress.

In opposing the murderous Hitlerites, a great and heroic role was played by the anti-fascist resistance, especially in the Soviet Union, and by the brave fighters for all the resistance movements in Germany and the occupied countries, as well as the liberating armies from all countries which fought the Hitlerites, the Italian fascists and Japanese militarists, including the British, Canadians and Americans. The living memory of many Jews from Eastern Europe of their direct experience with the Soviets in particular is very positive. Besides the undying gratitude of the world’s people for the sacrifices the Soviet Union made, such as at the Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk, many Jews and others were provided asylum or were liberated by the Red Army, which they recall with utmost fondness and gratitude. At the same time, because of the influence of Cold War anti-communism and Zionism, some have the tendency to spout anti-communist cold war ideology against the former Soviet Union, or what to this day is called Stalinism to connote oppression and dictatorship. It is all done in a manner which is irrational and completely at odds with their actual experience.

After the war the mantle of the Hitlerite atrocities was inherited by the Anglo-Americans who betrayed the cause for which the people of their own countries sacrificed their lives to liberate humankind from the scourge of fascism. First they created a civil war in Greece killing communist fighters and demanding that all resistance fighters disavow communism and the resistance struggle and espouse the regime of the fascist military junta imposed on them. Then they adopted the Cold War anti-communist ideology to criminalize communism and disorient the generations which suffered so much so that they blame some abstract human nature for the atrocities, instead of the system of economic and political power concentrated into the few hands of a financial elite which sought domination in order to solve its problems.

In the post-war period the crimes committed during the Second World War were systematically used by the Anglo-American powers to stop the peoples from moving forward in a manner which favours them and ensures such things are never repeated. Disinformation was spread on a massive scale so as to justify creating the state of Israel as a bastion of Anglo-American imperialism in the Middle East. This was done in a manner which was to create a permanent state of no-war-no-peace so as to deprive the Palestinian people of their homeland and right to self-determination and also suppress the striving of the peoples of the entire Middle East to empower themselves. This has led to prolonged suffering of a kind which itself represents the attempted genocide of a people. Today, attempts by those such as the Harper dictatorship to criminalize support for the Palestinian Resistance by declaring it is “anti-semitic,” is a contemptible attempt to manipulate the sympathy expressed worldwide for the suffering of the Jews, amongst others, during the Second World War.

Join the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross for a night of conversation and letter writing this Sunday.

24 Jan

As always, a vegan meal will be provided and children are welcome!

This month we’ll be talking about the 5e: Carlos, Amelie, and Fallon. They are three comrades currently held in detention in Mexico City. We will talk about the complexities of offering solidarity to prisoners whose case is developing, different ways to support political prisoners, the kinds of letters and messages that can be sent and we will also hear the letters written by Carlos, Amelie, and Fallon.

While the three of them cannot receive letters at the moment, we could work on a public letter of support, other messages that can be passed on to them, and we can talk about how else we can support them.

read more about them here:

Please note that if you haven’t had a chance to get one copies of the 2014 Certain Days Calendar and the latest issue of 4strugglemag, they will be available for purchase ($12 for calendars and $5 for 4strugglemag).

The calendar is a joint fundraising and educational project between outside organizers in Montreal and Toronto, and three political prisoners being held in maximum-security prisons in New York State: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes and Herman Bell. The initial project was suggested by Herman, and has been shaped throughout the process by all of our ideas, discussions, and analysis. All of the members of the outside collective are involved in day-to-day organizing work other than the calendar, on issues ranging from refugee and immigrant solidarity to community media to prisoner justice. We work from an anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist, queer and trans positive position.

Thanks as always to Beit Zatoun for their generous support in letting us host letter nights in their space!

See our event on Facebook:

Toronto ABC

Statement from Gerry Conlon regarding Stephen Murney’s current Trial

21 Jan

From Justice Watch Ireland’s Facebook Page

Today Stephen Murney goes on trial in Belfast accused of essentially taking photographs of republican protests in which members of the P.S.N.I were also photographed leading to the accusation and then charges against Stephen,for which the crown allege were or could be used to aid or be of use to further terrorist activity.

The photos that were took were also taken by photographers from leading newspaper here and those photos published by those newspapers.

A further charge of having items that could be used to further terrorism,in fact turned out to be a child’s ballbearing gun and a bandsman’s uniform.

It all seems either ludicrous or deliberately malicious on behalf of the crown to decide on this course of action.Maybe the reason for the prosecution is that Murney who is a republican activist who by documenting police behaviour at protests has becoming a thorn in the side of the authorities in that photographs instantly convey to the public the real role of both police and protester when conflict occurs.

I remember watching films such as The Killing Fields and Salvidor were the photographers and their photos were the only source of evidence to the outside world as to proof as to what was happening in those countries at that time.And we,especially in what’s known as western society rightly hailed those photographers as brave and heroic for bringing to our attention what was happening in those places.

I am not saying for one minute what happened there is happening here,but what im saying is,no one is above the law be it protester,activist or police,everyone is accountable for their actions.

We need transparency when dealing with authority,and we needs political activists document and have the freedom to record events as we are alleged to live in a society with freedom speech and freedom of expression.

Gerry Conlon
JWI Co-founder

Peoples programs kick off with weekly serving in front of gentrifiers model condo!!

16 Jan

Today we kicked off our years peoples programs by restarting our weekly serving and political literature distribution in front of the model condo in Downtown Kitchener. The reason we choose this place to do our serving is to show that this area that the gentrifiers are trying to gentrify will not be gentrified and that we wont go away, as well as to meet the needs of the people.

This will go on every Wed. at five oclock and we encourage all to join us as we meet the needs of the people and resist these people that seek to destroy downtown and displace poor people.

Martin Corey Campaign welcomes his release

15 Jan


Finally after nearly four years internment, Martin Corey was released from Maghaberry jail, Co Antrim on January 15th, 2014. Martin was interned on secret evidence gathered by secret police and held without a charge or trial since April 2010.

The British Government, secretary of state and all those involved in the internment of Martin Corey showed contempt for human rights and were involved in a despotic policy of ruling by decree.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the Release Martin Corey Campaign, Republican Sinn Féin, the countless activists who stood on picket lines and those who went to jail themselves to highlight Martin’s case.

We take this opportunity to welcome Martin home and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Release Martin Corey Committee

Support Justice Watch Ireland

15 Jan





JWI carries out this work without funding but sadly our workload has increased and continues to increase whereby we can no longer operate without your support.

It is crucial for JUSTICE WATCH IRELAND to continue.

We cannot operate without your support.

Your donations will enable us in continuing to provide these invaluable services, also;

Your donations will enable us to visit the innocent in prison.

Your donations would also allow us to provide an out of hour’s service for victims,

Your donations will support innocent persons in prison with direct case work by seeking medical and forensic evidence and paying for experts in other relevant fields where legal aid has been exhausted.

Your donations will allow us to travel throughout Ireland delivering Human Rights training packages to communities vulnerable to HR abuses.

Your donations will allow us to continue in identifying Miscarriages of Justice such as the cases of ‘the Craigavon Two’, Bobby Rodgers, Martin Corey, and Stephen Murney to name but a few. Allowing us to exhaust all avenues in the fight for Justice and helping JWI to bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

Your donations could allow us to employ trained individuals dedicated to the work we undertake.

Your donations would also support research into health issues relating to wrongful imprisonment such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Your donations could even help us to open an office which would be central in serving all our communities in Ireland.

Please donate through secure Pay Pal, Credit/Debit Card panel, it can be found on the right hand side of this page, or by sending a cheque made payable to ‘Justice Watch Ireland’ to our address:

Justice Watch Ireland

5-7 St. Patrick’s avenue


Co. Down

BT30 6NE

We cannot operate without your support. – WE NEED YOUR HELP

New Years Statement 2014 – 32 County Sovereignty Movement

14 Jan

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement sends New Year greetings to all republicans and republican organisations struggling to restore Irish National Sovereignty. We send solidarity greetings to the families of the fallen and to those currently incarcerated for their political beliefs.

The great momentum inherent in Irish history is the drive toward national freedom. This momentum, mandated by our right as a sovereign people to pursue it, renders resistance to British occupation inevitable. As republicans our focus is to concentrate all our efforts to bring an end to this inevitable resistance. It is a needless distraction to focus on the symptom and not the cause.

2013 ended with yet another patchwork attempt to shore up the failure known as the Good Friday Agreement. We addressed Dr Haass directly when we asked him if he was truly interested in seeking a resolution of the Flags issue why not address the issue of sovereignty upon which any National Flag flies? Unless that fundamental issue is comprehensively addressed the core cause of conflict will remain.

Republicanism faces into 2014 with as much internal challenges as those arraigned against us. For our part the 32CSM have been active with other republicans in seeking common ground upon which republicanism can move forward. We reiterate again that republican unity is the only logical way forward. A divided republican base is a fundamental derogation from any republican principle.

The Centenary of 1916 is another year closer. That means another year less for republicans to prepare to mark this watershed. Republicans must be in a position to mark the Centenary with a clear statement of ability and relevance. Noble sentiments and historical homilies are not enough: the legacy of 1916 demands maximum effort from us all. The men and women who fought in Easter Week achieved this maximum and left us a clear template in which to follow them.

2016 must equally be relevant to the people of Ireland today. The Proclamation does not belong to ghosts but must be a living blueprint to shape a better society for our people. That can only happen if we take the Proclamation down from over the mantelpiece and bring into the heart of our communities. Republicans must be the vehicle for this and the level of our success in doing so will be the true merit of our honouring of 1916.

We are preparing initiatives to advance this process in a way in which all republicans can involve themselves. We wish to demonstrate leadership and resourcefulness by first and foremost not claiming narrow ownership of the initiatives we will propose. We urge all republicans to approach these proposals with the advancement of republicanism in 2014 and beyond to their fore.

For Self Determination, Support The Prisoners, No To Colonialism No To Resource Extraction

13 Jan

Friday Feb. 7th 7:30 Rum Runners Pub King and Queen St. Kitchener

Speakers Include…

Brendan Casey-Independent Irish Republican on the ocuupation and resistance
Mark A Corbiere-Anti Poverty and Indigenous activists
Santiago Escobar-Anti Chevron Activist and HCPDF spokesperson
Romanian Speaker- on resistance in Pungesti

More to be announced…..

This is a fundraiser and public event to support those who are fighting for National Sovereignty and against the theft and plunder of resources by blood thirsty companys that seek profit at the cost of the enviroment and the right to self determination. All Welcome!!!
Please also bring canned goods etc. to donate to the A.C.T.I.O.N. Camp