On Violence

29 Jan

Its been awhile since i actually sat down and wrote something. A new year has come and with that new struggles have arose.
We have set a plan and agenda on how to find out what the problems in our community are and how to solve them and the reality is
that despite obstacles political and economical we have implemented our plan with much sucess.

Politically we are creating the space for opposition to the problems in our community that stem from the economic
system imposed on us as well as created networks of resistance and support systems. Internationally we have intensified our solidarity
and support with those engaged in struggles of liberation and against colonialism and ideologically we are creating
our freeschools and methods of education.In terms of media we now have our own publications, radio programs and community papers that make sure
that we will not be marginalized and our voice will get out.

These are not small accomplishments, neither are our victorys in the last few years, still though we are critisize by those who have accomplished nothing
other then theorising and telling us what is good and what is bad, without themselves emerging themselves in the struggle in any practical way. Their main critism, whichever way you look at it is that we believe in violence.

This weekend was the anniversary of the brutal murder of Kelsey whose body was dismembered and dumped in various places. Her Torso which was found in a dumpster shocked the community and those who knew her.
This disgusting crime carried out by anti social elements is simply an example of the intensified violence in our community carried out by parasites no diffrent then factory owners or other capitalists.
The fact that she was someone we knew and cared about only made this crime more horrendous in its brutality. Yet this murder is no diffrent then all the stabbingings,mruders OD’s and death and distruction carried out on a constant basis in our community.

The drug trade, and the right wing elements that run it, has plagued our sity for quite some time and prospers in this time
of de industrialization and unemployment. While factorys are closing, those who sell nightmares and deal in deal and misery
are literally making a killing and using their profits to finance their nefarious agenda. With the increase of the drug trade
we have seen an increase in activity by groups such as blood and honor, who contrary to their name have no honour and are cowards.
We have seen an increase of racial attacks as well as an increase of other right wing forces organizing with the state and liberal organzations doing nothing.

In this context violence is real and anyone who does not believ in violence must have to be blind or have their head in the sand.
Given the fact that i am a poor person living in an de industrialized area plagued with unemployment and all that comes with that
i have no choice but to believ that violence exists, I see it every day. From the police brutalising my friends, to CAS stealing my friends children
to right wing attacks and vandalism, to the drug plague that is taking the lives of those who i care about I have no choice
but to acknowledge the existance of violence, and like so many of my friends I dont have the comfort of leaving or going to
a place were “I feel safe” or comfortable but rather I am forced to acknowledge this as my reality.

This does not mean that I will sit around and do nothing about it. The politics that we are involved in is the politics of class struggle.
In other words anaylse the problem that is in front of us, mobalize the community and come up with solutions.This is done by recognising the reality we face
and deal with it accordingly.

In this analysis we must rely on our community and not sit back and be complacent. In doing this there is no space to acknowledge or argue with people
who ask stupid questions like do you believe in violence. Violence exists, the question is what will we do to defend our community not engage with those who
have all the answers and proper ways to speak but no nothing of our reality.


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