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Support Justice Watch Ireland

15 Jan





JWI carries out this work without funding but sadly our workload has increased and continues to increase whereby we can no longer operate without your support.

It is crucial for JUSTICE WATCH IRELAND to continue.

We cannot operate without your support.

Your donations will enable us in continuing to provide these invaluable services, also;

Your donations will enable us to visit the innocent in prison.

Your donations would also allow us to provide an out of hour’s service for victims,

Your donations will support innocent persons in prison with direct case work by seeking medical and forensic evidence and paying for experts in other relevant fields where legal aid has been exhausted.

Your donations will allow us to travel throughout Ireland delivering Human Rights training packages to communities vulnerable to HR abuses.

Your donations will allow us to continue in identifying Miscarriages of Justice such as the cases of ‘the Craigavon Two’, Bobby Rodgers, Martin Corey, and Stephen Murney to name but a few. Allowing us to exhaust all avenues in the fight for Justice and helping JWI to bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

Your donations could allow us to employ trained individuals dedicated to the work we undertake.

Your donations would also support research into health issues relating to wrongful imprisonment such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Your donations could even help us to open an office which would be central in serving all our communities in Ireland.

Please donate through secure Pay Pal, Credit/Debit Card panel, it can be found on the right hand side of this page, or by sending a cheque made payable to ‘Justice Watch Ireland’ to our address:

Justice Watch Ireland

5-7 St. Patrick’s avenue


Co. Down

BT30 6NE

We cannot operate without your support. – WE NEED YOUR HELP

New Years Statement 2014 – 32 County Sovereignty Movement

14 Jan

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement sends New Year greetings to all republicans and republican organisations struggling to restore Irish National Sovereignty. We send solidarity greetings to the families of the fallen and to those currently incarcerated for their political beliefs.

The great momentum inherent in Irish history is the drive toward national freedom. This momentum, mandated by our right as a sovereign people to pursue it, renders resistance to British occupation inevitable. As republicans our focus is to concentrate all our efforts to bring an end to this inevitable resistance. It is a needless distraction to focus on the symptom and not the cause.

2013 ended with yet another patchwork attempt to shore up the failure known as the Good Friday Agreement. We addressed Dr Haass directly when we asked him if he was truly interested in seeking a resolution of the Flags issue why not address the issue of sovereignty upon which any National Flag flies? Unless that fundamental issue is comprehensively addressed the core cause of conflict will remain.

Republicanism faces into 2014 with as much internal challenges as those arraigned against us. For our part the 32CSM have been active with other republicans in seeking common ground upon which republicanism can move forward. We reiterate again that republican unity is the only logical way forward. A divided republican base is a fundamental derogation from any republican principle.

The Centenary of 1916 is another year closer. That means another year less for republicans to prepare to mark this watershed. Republicans must be in a position to mark the Centenary with a clear statement of ability and relevance. Noble sentiments and historical homilies are not enough: the legacy of 1916 demands maximum effort from us all. The men and women who fought in Easter Week achieved this maximum and left us a clear template in which to follow them.

2016 must equally be relevant to the people of Ireland today. The Proclamation does not belong to ghosts but must be a living blueprint to shape a better society for our people. That can only happen if we take the Proclamation down from over the mantelpiece and bring into the heart of our communities. Republicans must be the vehicle for this and the level of our success in doing so will be the true merit of our honouring of 1916.

We are preparing initiatives to advance this process in a way in which all republicans can involve themselves. We wish to demonstrate leadership and resourcefulness by first and foremost not claiming narrow ownership of the initiatives we will propose. We urge all republicans to approach these proposals with the advancement of republicanism in 2014 and beyond to their fore.

For Self Determination, Support The Prisoners, No To Colonialism No To Resource Extraction

13 Jan

Friday Feb. 7th 7:30 Rum Runners Pub King and Queen St. Kitchener

Speakers Include…

Brendan Casey-Independent Irish Republican on the ocuupation and resistance
Mark A Corbiere-Anti Poverty and Indigenous activists
Santiago Escobar-Anti Chevron Activist and HCPDF spokesperson
Romanian Speaker- on resistance in Pungesti

More to be announced…..

This is a fundraiser and public event to support those who are fighting for National Sovereignty and against the theft and plunder of resources by blood thirsty companys that seek profit at the cost of the enviroment and the right to self determination. All Welcome!!!
Please also bring canned goods etc. to donate to the A.C.T.I.O.N. Camp