Nothing ever burns down by itself!!!!

1 Feb

Today me and some comrades went to the market, like we usually do to hand out political literature and mobalize people
in defense of the rights of all. Despite the heavy snow storm my comrade showed up at 8 amish and i got in his car and we went off.
It was obvious that coffe was needed, as well as strong cigerrettes, not those weak $6 buck a pack smokes but Marbies, so you
can feel the burn. My other comrade showed up and we got down to it. As we are handing out our political material, it was obvious that most people
support either activley or passivley, as most people either took an issue or chatted with us or congratualted us on this or that
event we were organizing. We went to several vendors and gave them issues to distribute (after all the quicker they go the less time we spend in the cold
and also it gives people a direct link to the work).

As we are sitting outside we start chatting and we notice three types of supporters, those who will read the literature, those who ask what activities are going on and want to get involved
and those who are too scared to talk about politics and take a paper but will tell us they support us (as well as the peple who are not interested and the occassional reactionary). Still
its pretty obvious from the three groups mentioned above that the majority of people recognize that there is something wrong with the status quo and
that the problem is not one or two bad politicians but the system itself. As we are getting talked up by everyone from city hall buerocrats to the NDP
(kkkanadian equivalent to labour party) to people that are getting screwed over two things struck me.

The first is the admiration of people for those who stand by principles and take principled stands. We have been organizing in Kitchener
for at least 15 years and in that time our politics have always been based on principle and not popularity. Im not saying that our politics are stagnant
or that we apply the same analysis by rote to every situation (after all we dont distribute the socialist wanker…lol)
but rather that our politics stem from a principled analysis based on looking at the problems and coming with solutions
that deal with the affirmation of peoples basic rights by virtue of being human. This is not done by reading obscure marxist
literature or that we have a coreect analysis that comes from sone crystal ball, but rather that our work comes from
mobvalizing and organizing the people and creating the space where the issues that people face are addressed. In other words
our analysis come from our work which is concreate and tangeable and from this work we anaysis what is what on a political basis
and from that comes the stand we take.

By doing this we have created a force that cannot be ignored by social democrats and the like who have no coeherant basis for there work
and by engaging the polity in our work they are forced to deal with us politically. By dealing with problems on this basis we have created the space
of unification on a political basis as opposed to who is friends with who etc.

The second thing i noticed, which is an issue is the fact that while there is alot of passive support, this does not neccerily translate into active support.
Sure when there is a direct crisis people can be mobalized, and there is alot of diffrent things that people do based on there ability
but at the same time there is the problem of people expecting our organization to do all the work. In other words
due to fear and basic capitalitalist indoctrination there is a sense that others will fight there battles and all they must do
is wait on the sidelines and cheer. This is a problem we have been struggling with for a long time because the reality
is that it must be the people themselves that do the work and no one else will do it for them. This problem of turning passive support
into active support is not as clear cut as what i outlined and there are many other reasons eg. life gets in the way or repression is seen as too severe etc.
but at the end of the day the reality is that nothing ever burns down by itself to quote Chumbawumba, and the only solution is to intensify our work
to meet the needs of the people to create space for participation. Our peoples programs that we are relauncing is but one of the ways that we are tackling this, as is our public investigation into issues that directly affect people
and our dirrect action casework which shows that resistance is fertile, and gets results.

In conclusion we have acheived alot but alot more work must be done before this sick system is destroyed!!!


One Response to “Nothing ever burns down by itself!!!!”

  1. Michael Fox February 1, 2014 at 10:10 pm #

    While I applaud people who stand up for the poor and oppressed, I don’t support those who want to tear down the capitalistic system, especially to replace it with is socialistic or Marxist one. These systems do not work and are especially punishing for the poor they claim to liberate. I think we need to empower the poor and work within the system with allies to repair our system, which has been corrupted by cronyism and corporate power run amok. It’s also interesting that you are rallying against capitalism and defending the poor while apparently supporting big tobacco corporations which have created a toxic, addictive product which has been especially destructive to the poor of our communities.

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