Brendan Casey Irish Republican’s comments at our event last night

8 Feb

First of all I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to address yous all tonight at this event.i understand that once again the powers that be are transpiring against us in the technology front but such is life….I also am very aware of the efforts people must have went to get to the event considering the weather….so on that note I will begin…my name is Brendan Casey and as some of yous are aware ,I’m a republican activist from Ireland.a number of months ago I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Canada to speak to people about the situation in Ireland at the moment. During my numerous speaking engagements I was able to brief yous asto the truth of the situation back home.this was a truth that I have found was not told widely known outside of those directly effected by it… As this is being read tonight a young girl has been charged with withholding information on the execution of David black….her boyfriend Sean mc veigh…was similarly charged with offenses linked to blacks execution yesterday The eveidence being against Sean that he was seen over a space of a few days buying …a hat…a scarf…..and a box of matches….this is the sum total of the eveidence against Sean. So as people can see .there is no evidence….Sean’s case is but one in a long line of ongoing injustices perpetuated by the British government against Irish citizens deemed guilty of nothing more than being republican..numerous cases of miss justice are happening on a near weekly basis both outside the jails and inside the jails.. Martin Corey a veteran republican was released a number of weeks ago after spending nearly 4 years in jail having faced no court having faced no charges …his only crime deemed that he was a threat to the Northern Ireland state…this man was incarcerated on the non evidence of faceless people who are part of the British secret service..namely mi5 As part of martins release he is not aloud to live in his home town of lurgan…can not associate with fellow republicans and can not speak about his case with any media We also have a case of Christine Connors who today was again refused bail as part of an ongoing case of blatant harassment….Christine has serious health issues and the prison regime are using her illness as a way of punishing Christine for deemed non following of prison rules…so in essence the prison are punishing her for being a republican. These are just some of the ongoing cases of republicans who refuse to be criminalised and as such find themselves the victims of British state vendettas …… It was pointed out today by a friend of Sean’s …”if they want you offside…they will put you offside”….. Sean by the way is a very close friend of the Duffy family of which a number are now as we speak jailed on again no evidence conspiracy charges..which as we have seen before will no doubt be dropped when the court is due to begin….this is what we term internment by remand and is a tool increasing used in cases of republican activists here It has the affect of keeping committed activists off the streets for 2 to 4 years and sometimes longer only to be released on a whim… We as republicans have faced all this before but what has changed is the fact that the media has a near total ban on carrying these stories..and like our fellow revolutionary brothers and sisters across the world we will not be silenced in our objectives of shining a light on injustice of our POWs…or indeed other revolutionary struggles around the world… Which brings me to tonight’s event..the ethos and the idea of what is happening tonight came about from my interaction with a wide and varied audience on my tour…from j and V who spoke with such passion about the mupache struggle….to the warriors and defenders of turtle island Santiago and his peoples struggle against capitalist greed…..the common theme in all of this we are one world united and all our struggles are the same….we stand angainst capitalism we stand against greed….we stand against injustice….the stealing of indiginous lands….the brutality of the police…but most important we stand as one ….and we stand tall and stand proud in the knowledge that we can not be bought sold or bartered ..because what we do is right And when we know we are right…we…us United can do unimaginable things….so in conclusion I would like to send solidarity greetings the the warriors and there POWs….and all political prisoners the world over for their stance and hopefully one day we will all achieve what we so dearly fight for and love….. So in the words of Bobby sands “our revenge will be the laughter of our children” In solidarity…..tiocaidh ar la…our day will come…

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