Report Back On Feb. 7th

12 Feb

sorry for not getting this out till now am totally sick…

On Feb. 7th a event was held to oppose resourse extraction, colonialism and support the POWS here and abroad.
The event began with a member of Anti Colonialist Working Group introducing the event and the speakers. The event contiuned with a speech from Independent Irish Republican
Brendan Casey who spoke about the POWS and Political Prisoners held by the British in Maghaberry. The Next Speaker Mark Corbiere Spoke about the recent Colonialist genocide
here on Turtle Island From the assasination of Dudley George, To the death in custody of Indigeous Elder Harriet Nahanee to the resistance at Elsipotog.

The Last Speaker was Santigo Escobar from the Allianca Pais Movement, one of the key witnesses exposing chevrons corruption in the lawsuit of 30 000 Equadorians against Chevron.
He Spoke about the situation in Equador and the crimes of Chevron. This was followed by discussion. Despite the fact that the event was not the most well attended due to weather
those who attended were happy to listen and plan actions in solidarity with all those fighting.


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