They’re in there for you! – Oppose the ongoing Sectarian persecution inflicted upon Republican POWs in MagHaberry!

27 Feb


Guest piece from former MagHaberry POW Liam O’Donnell

As the Republican prisoners of Roe House, MagHaberry enter into what can only be described as another torturous night of protest in the face of a non progressive, securocratic Prison Administration, whose concerted campaign of brutality and Unjustified force, used to enable their barbaric regime, in an attempt to dehumanise our POW’s and break the spirit of the republican ideal….I ask you to take a look at yourselves, take a look at what you have become. Put yourself in the shoes of a family member of a republican prisoner today, shoes that many of you have worn in the past, take a look at your children and of those you love and remember that no one is immune to the injustices that are currently inflicted upon those who refuse to conform……open your eyes……open your ears but most importantly open your mouths and exercise your god given right to freedom of speech. Those who refuse to speak up are on the side of the oppressor. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that this isn’t happening. or that it wont come knocking at your door… those who are in need of your help now may one day be the only people who are willing to assist you if this scenario becomes an unfortunate reality for those you hold so dear. Remember the Republican Prisoners in Roe House tonight and in the coming days and remember that they now face another phase of Prison Struggle, one that requires the whole hearted support of the republican family across this island, and allow yourself the opportunity to stand up and be heard. Don’t allow this façade to continue….
End Strip Searches End Controlled Movement End The Isolation of Republican Prisoners and End the continued use of Internment By Remand NOW!!
They’re in there for you….Be out here for them.

If Jesus Christ appeared tonight, with his body bruised and bare,
and he said he lived in H-Block, and asked you did you care,
If he asked you would you help him before he went insane,
to help him bear his burden of suffering and pain,
I wonder would it stir you, to raise your voice and cry,
to tell the world of torture, and all the reasons why?
But what about his children, who suffer day and night,
have you raised a hand to free them, from their lonely hell-like night?
For this day a broken body, will live through trial and fear,
and feel the pain of hunger, and shed a silent tear.
He’ll take a look around him, and to heaven make a plea,
“They crucified you, Jesus, now they’re doing it to me”.
But even through his anguish, when nothing seems worthwhile,
the thought of home and family, will always raise a smile.
The efforts of his loved ones, his friends and comrades too,
they’ve tried their best to help him. The question is, will you?


One Response to “They’re in there for you! – Oppose the ongoing Sectarian persecution inflicted upon Republican POWs in MagHaberry!”

  1. pippakin February 27, 2014 at 1:40 am #

    Reblogged this on Pippakins Hardly Relevant File (Dustbin to you) and commented:
    Those Brits are nasty alright. So how many prisoners in British prisons have spent years in solitary confinement?

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